Victory: No Permit Required For Concealed Carry In This State

April 30, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: 2nd Amendment Insider


The Republican Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, has signed a bill into law to allow Kansans over the age of 21 to freely carry concealed weapons. There will be no training or permits required “as long as that individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under either federal or state law.”

In a statement on his Facebook page, the governor said,

Responsible gun ownership – for protection and sport – is a right inherent in our Constitution. It is a right that Kansans hold dear and have repeatedly and overwhelmingly reaffirmed a commitment to protecting.

According to Fox News:

Kansas will become the fifth state to allow its residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit throughout the state.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a bill ending the permit requirement. The change takes effect July 1.

The National Rifle Association says Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming in having such a policy. The NRA says Montana and Arkansas have concealed carry without a permit, but not everywhere.

Kansas still will issue permits for gun owners who want to carry concealed in other states that recognize Kansas permits. A person seeking a Kansas permit must undergo eight hours of firearms training.

Brownback said gun owners have shown they are responsible.

But Democratic state Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita said the state still should require some training.

The legislation had strong support from legislators. One lawmaker, Representative Travis Couture-Lovely, said he considers gun safety training to be a “personal responsibility” and “not something the government can mandate.” He reminded an interviewer that since the state passed a concealed carry law in 2006, “We haven’t had any of the Wild West shootouts.”

Most of the state of Montana, and at least five other states, do not require permits for the carrying of concealed weapons, and all 50 states have passed laws allowing citizens to carry firearms in public.