New Alternative to the U.S. Dollar Coming Oct 20th

April 30, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

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by BTP Holdings 
2015-04-30 17:35:27

Mark Down This Date: October 20, 2015

For the first time in 35 years, an upcoming announcement could start a new era in modern finance, and could create a once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity. Get in now…

Hi, my name is Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

I’m the Chief Strategist for Stansberry Research.

We’re one of the largest independent financial research firms on the planet, with more than 350,000 clients in over 170 countries.

I’ve put together this presentation to alert you to an important financial announcement coming this October, which could signal a huge shift in the international currency markets.

For anyone who holds their savings or investments in U.S. dollars, this day, and the months that follow, will be incredibly important–because dramatic changes are coming.

And please keep in mind: This has nothing to do with inflation, interest rates, unemployment figures, or anything like that.

What I’m talking about instead, is an official announcement, coming from one of the most powerful organizations on earth.

It’s the first time in 35 years that something like this has happened.

And I believe it will trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime. You simply must be prepared, and understand what’s about to happen.

Why am I so concerned?

Well, I’ve been active in the markets for over two decades…

I received my PhD in Finance…

I’ve been a stockbroker and a mutual fund Vice President.

And I even ran my own hedge fund…

But I’ve never seen anything in the markets that could move so much money, so quickly-

I’m talking about hundreds of billions of dollars changing hands in a single day after this announcement is made.

If you own U.S. assets–stocks, bonds, real estate, or just cash in a bank account–you must be aware of what’s about to happen.

And as you’ll see, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to set yourself up for safe and extraordinary gains.

Until recently, this story has received very little press. In the early stages of my research, I saw one small article on the back pages of Bloomberg. I saw another short piece deep inside the Wall Street Journal.

But that’s already changing. And I suspect this story will explode in the months to come.

Let me explain…

A Big Announcement

On or around October 20th of this year, the International Monetary Fund is going to make a huge announcement that could radically alter the financial markets, and initiate a transfer of wealth, unlike anything we’ve seen in more than three decades.

We know the approximate date of this announcement because I recently accessed the IMF’s meeting schedule.

Like most official documents, it is filled with acronyms and insider jargon.

But if you understand the markets, it’s not too hard to figure out exactly what’s going on– what they’ll really be deciding.

I can tell you for certain that this meeting is all about a big potential shift in the world currency markets.

As you probably know, the currency market is the world’s largest, most vital marketplace.

It’s far, far larger than the stock market.

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