Video Shows Climate Activists Struggling To Respond After Their Own Hypocrisy Is Pointed Out

September 23, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Western Journal

By Jack Davis

Nothing holds together a climate change protest like products made from fossil fuels and activists who rely upon them in their daily lives.

That, at least, is what a video made by the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill and posted on YouTube seems to illustrate.

Hamill went to a Washington, D.C., climate change protest on Friday to ask protesters about their “climate change sins” and the contrast between their words and actions.

One argued that holding protesters accountable for using plastic to protest the use of plastic and fossil fuels was a “short-term myopic vision.”

Another said that using plastic was simply an inevitable consequence of buying just about anything in a store, and said that he wanted the world to move to a system where shoppers bring their own containers to carry things away, “like they did in the old days.”

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One activist said her main climate change sin is to take long, hot bubble baths to wash off the strain of activism and advocacy that surrounds her working days.

The video shows different levels of activism. Although one protester admitted driving an hour and a half to and from work, another vowed not to have children and urged those who want them to adopt orphans.

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When Hamill confronted a protester wearing a costume made from a fossil fuel-based plastic, the protester replied, “That’s why we have to change our system.”

Another told Hamill that “the comfort level that we expect now in our First World country is not realistic.”

Many on Twitter noted that the detritus resulting from Friday’s protest hardly looked like the work of those concerned about the environment.

[RBN NOTE: Photos of trash are being mislabelled and spread virally on the Internet. The following photos from social media posts are NOT from the climate change rally that is the subject of this story.]


Dianne McCluskey@dmccluskey101

Aftermath of “Climate Change” protests! Hypocrites!

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Janine Benson@janinebenson18

Mountain Of Trash Left Behind By Hypocrite Global Warmer Climate Kooks

Strewn ‘Climate March’ trash was most likely caused by climate change!!!!!!! 

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Early this month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson threw the charge of hypocrisy at many leading climate change activists, Fox News reported.

“If you really believe this, that this was such a massive existential problem, that you would take up the whole U.S. economy to fight it, why the hell are you flying on private planes, seriously?” he asked.

Carlson said climate change protesters are lacing in facts.

“The basic precept of science is, don’t tell me. Show me. Prove it,” he said. “And no one bothers to do that. Instead, they throw slogans at you. They attack you. Nobody doubts the climate changes. It always has changed. The question is, is man causing it and can we stop it?”

Carlson said he has a problem with protesters telling him to change his life when they do not practice what they preach.

“They’re telling me that I have to change my whole life because this problem is existential but they’re not changing their lives at all,” he added.

“They’re hypocrites and liars. That’s why.”

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