May 18, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  southfront

War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

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Written by Mark Dankof.

The pattern is always unmistakable. The folks who use Usury, Economic Sanctions, Coup d’Etats, Assassinations, and endless Empire Wars, also employ Cultural Marxism, especially when it comes to the targeted character of the LGBTQ movement’s slings and arrows against both Christianity and Islam, and against sovereign nation-states who have figured out that Zio-Globalism is the death of their nations and traditional cultures.

The latest manifestation of this phenomenon is an Iranian LGBTQ organization billing itself as “6Rang.” Not surprisingly, there is no indication on their site of a physical headquarters, or of their funding sources. A photo on their web page references all of the organizations deemed to be absolutely supportive of the LGBTQ agenda and “human rights in Iran.” That photo suggests that a wider network and web of connections, NGO’s, and funding sources is inevitably involved.

War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

Can you smell the perfume of Soros, the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, and Israeli Intelligence?

The obvious activities of Pussy Riot in Russia, and Mike Pompeo’s employment of LGBTQ subversion against the Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin in Kiev gives us a hint as to why 6Rang is suddenly the rage on CNN, Western MSM generally, and the American State Department. The usurious Western banking system, extortionist economic sanctions emanating from Washington, and the threat of a wider Empire War in the Middle East and against Putin in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and his southern underbelly, are now joined in the case of Iran by the shadowy LGBTQ machinations of 6Rang. In the case of Russia, Ukraine, and the Donbass, the Southern Poverty Law Center is getting into the act by piling on the World Congress of Families and the Russian Orthodox ChurchJim Jatras and yours truly have both written about the wider context behind these libelous machinations, even as it remains unclear how many Americans actually read or listen to anything other than the Zio-Droning of the MSM, as lethal in its own way as the Zio-Drones murdering innocents in Gaza and the Occupied Territories.

War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

Apparently the Headquarters of 6Rang in an unpublished location. Even the MEK-MKO has a public location outside Tirana, Albania.

The State Department actually has the nerve to post the following on its page entitled, “2020 Reports on Human Rights Practices: The Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The law requires all male citizens older than age 18 to serve in the military but exempts gay men and transgender women, who are classified as having mental disorders. Military identity cards list the subsection of the law dictating the exemption. According to 6Rang, this practice identified gay or transgender individuals and put them at risk of physical abuse and discrimination.

NGOs reported authorities pressured LGBTI persons to undergo gender reassignment surgery. According to a July report by 6Rang, the number of private and semigovernmental psychological and psychiatric clinics allegedly engaging in “corrective treatment” or reparative therapies of LGBTI persons continued to grow. The NGO 6Rang reported the increased use at such clinics of electric shock therapy to the hands and genitals of LGBTI persons, prescription of psychoactive medication, hypnosis, and coercive masturbation to pictures of the opposite sex. According to 6Rang, one such institution is called The Anonymous Sex Addicts Association of Iran, with branches in 18 provinces. (The latter organization crops up nowhere in Internet searches.)

And so the title of this article asks our MSM, our State Department, and our Zio-Neo Con National Security Establishment the question: Who is Financing the Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization? I gave my thoughts to Vkontakte today. Am I wrong?

One thing is absolutely clear. My own position on a Zio-War against Iran, Russia, Syria, Palestine, Gaza, and Lebanon is as follows: Not only should no American Christian or Old Republic American support this war, but we should actively root for Mr. Putin and the Iranians to kick the living hell out of NATO, Israel, and the LGBTQ Globalists. Then, and only then, may we reclaim our own country from these demonic elements and restore the Old American Republic. Putin, the Iranians, Assad of Syria, and the Palestinians are fighting for my country and its liberation from The Beast. Until more Americans understand this, tragedy will continue to unfold. I have already explained myself on this important issue. Read “Christian Martyrdom and the American Empire: Mark Dankof on the New World Order.”