Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? What If the Destruction of America Was By Invasion, Not Dubious Flu?

April 6, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike


[Language warning if you click a video link.]


So what’s all of this lyin’ around in our homes, stuff locked down, as it were?

Well, what are we supposed to do you moron?


War’s over, man, Fauci’s locking us down while he looks for his Glory Days.  (We’ve recently been told that he was a big basketball star in high school.)


“What?!” Did you say over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Noooooo…. and it’s not over now. Nothing is over until WE, THE PEOPLE, say it’s over.   Because when the going gets tough…the tough get going…


After the death of a comparatively small number of people, maybe about the same number as Americans who die in bathtub accidents every year, America was shuttered with a known outcome made more likely with every passing day: DESTRUCTION. It’s been said that America cannot be defeated and destroyed from without, only from within.




Suppose that America was invaded by an armed force or several forces, as we have two or three coastlines and two other borders, so to speak (neglecting Hawaii). After the enemy that breached our shores and borders had killed the same number as the corona virus is said to have killed, which is when we started our thumb-sucking at Fauci’s command, a thousand or two thousand dead, would we all just go back into our homes and surrender? (The allies didn’t surrender at Normandy, you know. Are we the same people?)


I hate to say it, but if the fighting, bloodshed, killing and dying were televised by fools in the media who would liken it to an apocalypse and was viewed widely by Americans, I’m afraid we might surrender.


Madison, Jefferson, Washington, and a whole bunch of others who literally risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honors when they could have lived very comfortably without revolution, would be appalled.


Would they be surprised?


God blessed America.

Thank Him,

Je suis Spike


PS I do not yet assess President Trump with any significant portion of the blame of the malfeasance of government we are witnessing and being subjected to in the corona matter. In terribly irony, I think that state government and some local government are showing that they have been heavily influenced by socialist thinking and are now not as dependable as, GOD FORBID I WRITE IT, some in government in Washington DC. I think that the Democrats, other liars and more liars in the media have got the President by the short hairs and he is merely looking for an opportunity- probing Americans for an opportunity- to put an end to the corona crisis if only he gets the signal that, though we take it seriously, it’s not worth destroying America.