WATCH: Armed Thugs Storm The House Of An ARMED Homeowner – All Hell Breaks Loose

February 16, 2019 in News by RBN Staff



Source: Clash Daily | by Wes Walker 

When they kicked in his door, they weren’t ready for what they’d find inside.

In Oklahoma, a homeowner noticed some bad hombres lingering outside his home. They were carrying guns in broad daylight.

That homeowner wasn’t taking any chances. He got his gun. It’s a good thing he did, too.

Shortly after that, those three armed youths kicked in his door.

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Normally, that tactic is enough to get away with it, even if they discover someone at home, they’re in a position of weakness and afraid for their lives.

That is NOT what happened in this case.


This homeowner was no victim. He was waiting with his gun at the ready.

The burglars — one of whom the homeowner recognized — beat a hasty retreat.

“The suspects were not wearing masks, which is uncommon,” said Officer James Koch with the Broken Arrow Police Department. “It also what appears to be broad daylight, which is also uncommon.”

It’s a scary reminder, something like this can really happen to anyone. BA police don’t expect any changes against the homeowner for firing a shot the crooks.

“Everyone in the State of Oklahoma has a right to defend themselves inside their home,” said Koch.
Source: KTUL

News on Six added the following insights:

The video shows the men surprised and dart off in all directions before the homeowner fires a shot hitting his truck in the driveway. The homeowner says he knows one of the men and thinks they were after him because they thought he had cash.

Police say this does not appear to be random and are investigating. All three suspects are on the run.