WATCH: Black Chicago Resident Explodes At City Council Over Migrant Crisis: ‘Trump, Come Clean This Mess Up’

December 22, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff




Some of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods are suffering from a lack of funding and city services as a result of a growing local migrant crisis, leading Black residents to condemn the all-Democrat city council and call for the return of former President Donald Trump.

Video from a recent city council meeting captured a passionate speech by a man who demanded officials deal with the migrant influx by “sending them all back.”

“To see another group come over here, it’s disgraceful!” he shouted, growing louder as the audience applauded. “It is un-American.”

He added that the council’s insistence it must follow rules related to its sanctuary city protections for all residents rings hollow in light of the Black community’s suffering.




“Who made these rules? Who voted for these rules? When did people have time to participate in making these rules? And one of y’all came over to me and said, ‘Well Mr. Blakemore, we’ve got children.’ Well what about the Black children in the ghetto!

“I’m strictly advocating for Black people. Call ICE on them! Trump, come in here, clean this mess up! The most corrupt city in the United States is the City of Chicago!” he shouted.

Lori Lightfoot, the city’s previous mayor, was ousted last year in part due to her failure to manage the tens of thousands of new arrivals straining city services. Her successor, Mayor Brandon Johnson, has repeated her criticism of Texas and Arizona officials for transporting migrants by bus and airplane but has likewise failed to balance sanctuary city responsibilities with basic services for American citizens in Chicago. The situation has gotten so bad that Mayor Johnson is now proposing to transport migrants from his own city to surrounding suburbs.

Chicago’s plight may only be surpassed by that of New York City where Mayor Eric Adams has warned the growing waves of migrants will “destroy” the city’s ability to provide for residents. He has repeatedly criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, leading to his quiet dismissal from the president’s 2024 ambassadors program. Mayor Adams joined more than 100 Democrats who signed an open letter calling on the Democratic president to get the historic migrant crisis under control lest he put Democrats up and down the ballot at risk of electoral losses next year.