British Pilot Exposes Who Is Behind the Chemtrails Operation

December 22, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff




By Expose News


An unidentified British pilot, who used the name ‘Mark’ in an interview, said that chemtrails began in the US and that a lot of the spraying is done by military transport aircraft. While it is claimed that chemtrailing is done to block out the sun to keep global temperatures within the limits as dictated by the Paris Climate Agreement, Mark stated that the purpose is to poison us and block out the sun, which is necessary for plant and human life. Chemtrail planes are not traceable because there is a software fix that blocks codes for transponders on chemtrail planes. He was able to identify a suspected chemtrail plane that belonged to 2Excel Aviation Broadsword and he said that RVL has a similar operation that sprays over cities. He said the flight plans are in the onboard computer and must be coordinated because several planes can spray an area simultaneously. He believes chemtrail pilots are  ex-RAF because they are practiced in clandestine operations and have signed the Official Secrets Act which means they cannot speak out. He suggested forming spotter clubs to collect evidence and spread awareness.

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“Chemtrails are nothing new.  We’re just starting to notice them, that’s the shock for us,” a commercial airline pilot said during a recent interview. 

“They’ve been doing it for years.  It was pioneered in the [United] States.  It’s something the Rockefellers were involved with in sponsoring.  A lot of it is being done out of the back of military aircraft, particularly military transport aircraft.”

The airline pilot said the above during an interview with Drake Michigan host Ant Critchley. To protect the pilot’s anonymity, for purposes of the interview he was given the name Mark.

Mark has been a pilot for 34 years and in that time has flown more than 26 different aircraft types.  His experience ranges from flight testing to flying specialist cargo, and he has also flown aircraft for the military as well as commercial airlines.

“The two purposes for chemtrailing are very, very clear,” he told Critchley.  It’s to poison us and block out the sun.  Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and our bodies, for example, need sunlight to produce vitamin D. So, blocking out the sun will have a detrimental impact on and threaten the survival of all life on Earth.

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