Watch: Rand Paul Grills School Of Nursing Head On Student COVID Vaccine Mandate

February 20, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


via: Zero Hedge

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

During a hearing Thursday, Senator Rand Paul grilled the dean of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and exposed the hypocrisy of the institution’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Paul asked Dr. Sarah Szanton during the hearing on Health Care Workforce Shortages if she was “pro-choice in regards to patients making individualized medical choices?” to which Szanton responded “Broadly, thank you, yes.”

The Senator then asked “Are you aware that your university doesn’t allow choice with regard to vaccination, that you require all of your students to have three vaccines in order to be students?”

Szanton responded in the affirmative, and Paul noted “So it’s sort of choice, but not so much when regarding vaccination,”

Paul then asked if Szanton is “aware of the increased risk of myocarditis with the COVID vaccine, particularly with successive COVID vaccinations in males between the ages of 16 and 24?”

Szanton then attempted to squirm away from the line of questioning, claiming it wasn’t relevant to the subject of the hearing.

Paul shot back, “Here’s the problem, if you exclude everybody from being a nurse who believes in basic immunology, you’re gonna exclude a lot of smart people, people who believe that you can get immunity from both vaccination as well as infection.”

He continued, “and if you say, ‘Well, we’re just not gonna take the people who believe in that old-fashioned infection thing providing immunity, we’re only gonna take the people who do as they’re told’ — I mean, do you think individuals should be treated the same when they come to the emergency room?”

“In Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, they don’t have university mandates on this,” Paul asserted, adding “Some countries don’t recommend it for children at all. There really is a debate and a discussion, you can have an opposite debate that if you believe in choice, when something has a debate and there’s arguments on both side, you’d give people a choice.”

The Senator added that the vaccine has not been effective in stopping transmission of the virus and so “when you mandate this you can’t make any arguments about protecting other people, it’s only about you at this point.”


Paul also clarified “This isn’t an argument against vaccinations, it’s an argument for thinking, and understanding that people of different ages could respond differently.”

This week, Paul also introduced legislation that would see federal funding stopped for health care facilities that choose to deny critical treatment to people who have chosen not to take COVID vaccines.

Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Halt Funding For Hospitals Denying Care To The Unvaxxed

Numerous hospitals across America are following a ‘no jab, no transplant’ policy.

“No American should be denied access to critical care based on a personal medical decision, yet tragically, many hospitals and other medical facilities continue to discriminate against those unvaccinated for COVID-19,” Paul said in a statement.