Waters Turns Into Babbling Mess After Constituent Corners Her on Taxes, Border Wall

November 12, 2018 in News, Video by Ken

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Source: www.westernjournal.com

It’s well established at this point that Rep. Maxine Waters is hardly anyone’s definition of composed and collected.

Whether she’s making blatantly erroneous claims about the state of the economy or making absurdly sacrilegious claims that she’s some gift from God to stop Trump, the California Democrat’s reputation has deservedly taken a considerable hit.

Waters’ absurdity hit a new low when a video surfaced her interaction with one of her alleged constituents.

The video is being credited to Twitter user Suzanne Armstrong.

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Kyle Morris@RealKyleMorris

WATCH: Maxine Waters refuses to answer her constituent’s questions regarding illegal immigration and placing the American people first.

Instead, Waters discusses social security, says no to the wall, and then stated, “We’ve got to make sure our veterans are taken care of.”

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The video starts inconspicuously enough. Waters and Armstrong exchange some pleasantries before the grilling begins.

“(Republicans) want to cut social security, and medicare and Medicaid,” Waters said, regurgitating far-left talking points.

“I want lower taxes, I want the wall built,” Armstrong responds without skipping a beat.

“That’s OK, we have different opinions,” Waters responds in a patronizing tone. Armstrong persisted in her inquiry.

“I don’t want a sanctuary city,” Armstrong said.

Without actually addressing any of Armstrong’s concerns, Waters went back to parroting far left gibberish.

“What’s important for me are our seniors, we cannot cut their social security,” Waters rambles on. “That is so bad.”

“Let’s protect the people that live here, the citizens, and not give free stuff away to people that don’t live here,” Armstrong said, echoing the sentiments of what many Americans feel about the massive strain on American taxpayers that illegal immigrants can present.