We Now Know The Other Shoe to Drop

April 30, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike

I had speculated in PanDemic or DemPanic that when Americans were “allowed” to move around with a bit less restriction, possibly at the request of President Trump and/or Americans who’ve tired of their liberty being choked, that there would be another shoe to drop.   I speculated that there would be something worse than the Corona virus event unleashed so as to make certain that we ordinary humans (as opposed to our Deep State overlords) would never again step out of line and vote for something they don’t support. To wit,

“I don’t see this ending except in any of three ways:   Americans, never to regain what we once were, and then completely under the thumb of tyrants; Americans, “set free” briefly at the behest of President Trump, only to suffer the release of a truly harmful agent, Trump being blamed for the resulting mayhem; America throwing off tyrants and re-establishing the appearance of a republic which we most recently have had, though not an actual republic. Well there is a fourth, but I don’t have to write it, you know what it is. “

Well, we now know what is the other shoe to drop.  Several ER doctors in California made a video so full of information that is accurate and contrary to Dr. Faucigele’s explanation of why America needs to shut up and stay indoors that Youtube took it down.  Fortunately, our friends at JBS.org (Liberty-demanding, Constitutionalists, every one) managed to copy it and make it available.  It is here:  https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/health-care/item/35568-doctors-question-coronavirus-paranoia-in-viral-video-youtube-deletes-video  [Editor’s note: The video(s) are also hosted on RBN’s server: http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/dr-erickson-californians-have-a-0-03-chance-of-dying-from-covid-19/] When it was on youtube the salient message was from about 33:00 to 38:00 but it is worth an hour of your time to view the whole thing.

What the good doctors have explained is that our immune systems need to remain in practice, being exposed to viruses and bacteria and whatnot, coming into contact with others and surfaces and such in order to be up to the task of defending us from illness.  Dr. Faucigele’s prescription, shutting up and staying indoors, out of fresh air and sunshine did just the opposite; it put our immune systems in peril by essentially going quiescent. Now, when we do go outdoors, there is a chance that some of us will get sick from things our bodies would normally have shaken off without our even being aware we had been exposed.

Intentional harming of our immune systems?

Idiotic harming of our immune systems?

Dr. Faucigele, please answer.

Now when we get sick after getting back to work or play or just out, our overlords will insist that we should have listened to them and remained quarantined until they told us we could get our vaccination, our BillGatesChip and resume life as we didn’t used to know it, but will be the new abnormal.

Je suis Spike

Hobbes said that life without community (or government) would tend to be solitary, nasty, brutish and short.  If the deep state gets its way, government will likely make the life of liberty-mind people, solitary, nasty, brutal and short.