We Risk Deep-State Destroying America as It is Exposed

August 29, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike


The Democrats are claiming that the people of America will be harmed by Trump’s Tariffs. If Democrats understand that it is people, not corporations, who ultimately pay tariffs, they certainly understand that it is people, not corporations, who pay taxes.  It is mere demagoguery that Democrats claim to raise taxes on corporations instead of the people when they know they are taking money right out of the wallets of the people who earned that money when they claim to want to punish corporations with tax increases.

If we use the analogue to Occam’s Razor, Spike’s Scalpel, we can whittle away the confounding details of an argument which confuses and hides the essence of truth. Let’s take the scalpel and whittle down the concern that “Russia influenced the election” to the real crime if true, “Russia diminished the effect of the will of the people to control their own destiny.”  When we think about the essence of the alleged crimes and what harm they do, we must come to the principle that is harmed; the will of the people to control their own destiny is harmed, this is the crime for America about the people controlling their destiny. If Russia has harmed the will of the people, then Russia is a barbarian at the gate against whom we must defend ourselves, defend America.  But more harmful is the enemy within who would harm the ability of the people to control their destiny through the people’s ballot box.  Anybody who interferes with the people in controlling their destiny should be exposed and defeated.  If the evidence that points to the enemy within can be salvaged and saved from the collection and destruction effort by the Mueller team and Deep-state players and their actions denying the people a proper election can be exposed, then shall we have an enemy within, an enemy with whom we must deal, and to whom we must deal justice.  Their crime would be treason, the only crime defined in the United States Constitution.

There is a danger that President Trump needs to be aware of as we approach the 2020 election.  Just as Americans, long seeing themselves prosperous, allow a squandering government to take advantage of their generosity, taking America injudiciously from the greatest creditor nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation, while neglecting the principles such as thrift and savings that made America prosperous, so might many voters, enjoying the prosperous success of the Trump economy, make the mistake of forgetting how they got there, and vote for a squandering liberal who would spend away America’s recent gains the way historic gains have been squandered away.

Fans of The Terminator (the movie, not the AI-programmed killer) will recognize that, just as Skynet attempted to destroy “its own,” that is America, upon becoming self-aware, so should we be prepared for an attempt at the immolation of America by the deep-state when it becomes convinced that the existential threat it faces in the form of Donald Trump (and/or his supporters) will inevitably destroy them.  It is their intention that America, as we know it, be destroyed; the evidence betrays their desire to subvert America to a world-wide governing structure and one that will likely be as responsive to the rights of the people as was the character, the Terminator.  The Deep-state crowd has been attempting a rather slow murder, the termination of America, for some time now, because these American people, (you and me), are all that stand between the deep-state denizens and literally control of the world, but the deep-state is certainly prepared to put an end to America quickly rather than risk that Americans, becoming aware of deep-state nefarious plans, will put an end to them and save what is left of America to reclaim it and rebuild it.  There is not much of America left, though few realize it, but what is left can be used like a portion of a vine that, dormant, can re-grow.  I speak of there not being much left of America and it is true; since 1913 at least, with the popular election of Senators, we are not a republic as was intended and this to our detriment.  But we can reinvigorate the people, who, as a mass, do seem to retain an understanding that we are to be separate from- that is liberated from- the rest of the world, which, comparatively, is populated by people who are not free, but are subjects of varyingly controlling governments. Unfortunately, many in this mass of Americans I write of have confused license with liberty, and that will take some time to turn around.  But turn it around we must, or the last, best hope for America will perish and the world will, indeed, go into a new dark age that will last a thousand years or more lest the Lord return before then.

Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike