WHAT A SHAME: The Democratic Socialists of America Are Going Broke, May Have to Lay Off Staff

January 23, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


The Democratic Socialists of America, one of AOC’s favorite political organizations, is facing a serious financial crunch and may have to lay people off.

Who knew that socialists would have such a hard time managing funds? It looks like they finally ran out of other people’s money.

Of course, this could have something to do with the insane pro-Hamas demonstrations that many of their members have participated in in recent months.

The New York Post reports:

Democratic Socialists face seven-figure ‘crisis’ amid Palestinian support that may force dreaded layoffs of staff

The Democratic Socialists of America are red all over — with a financial situation so dire that some leaders are demanding job cuts and the layoff of staffers just like a corporate America entity, The Post has learned.

The DSA — which has led protests against Israel over the Jewish state’s retaliatory response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack — is deep in a seven-figure hole and desperately in need of a way to stanch the red ink, members acknowledge.

“We will cut $500,000 from staff-related expenses. We will first ask for volunteers from both director-level and bargaining unit staff to have their position cut and receive severance,” according to a proposal advanced by members of DSA’s National Political Committee affiliated with its Marxist Bread and Roses caucus.

“If necessary, we will then explore initiating lay-offs according to the DSA union’s contract,” the DSA officers said.

The situation appears to be a case of an organization that blindly seeks utopia and professes support of the working class clashing with reality — forcing it to have to balance a budget like the rest of America and even contemplate layoffs hated by labor unions.

More from FOX News:

“DSA is in a financial crisis and staff-related costs account for 58% of our total expenditures and 72% of our projected income,” DSA members Alex Pellitteri, Kristin Schall and Laura Wadlin wrote in the proposal.

“The current deficit will force us to make 7-figure budget cuts. This will require us to make painful decisions that will impact all levels of the organization.… Given our current financial state, we do not believe we can have a healthy, democratic, and effective organization while spending the amount we currently do on staff,” they added.

Will anyone miss them?