What Kind of Men?

November 13, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Rudy Davis – Christian Political Prisoner Ministry

Website:  YearofJubile.com


Coronavirus Lockdown Artwork by David Dees RIP


What kind of men believe everything they are told without question because the information comes from someone with “credentials”?

What type of men allow their women to be persecuted?

What kind of men are told which direction to walk in a supermarket?

What kind of men allow themselves to be instructed on where to stand and what businesses are essential or non-essential?

What kind of men put on a face diaper because of peer pressure of a false narrative being propagated by the lying media?

What kind of men allow their government to tell them not to assemble in groups of more than 10 for a family Thanksgiving dinner or for more than two hours?

What kind of man let’s his representative tell him not to go to church or sing church hymns?

What kind of man can’t visit his elderly mother in a nursing home because the governor said it is not safe?

What kind of men line up to have murdered babies injected into their bodies?

What kind of men beg for government handouts and expect entitlements?

What kind of men self-censor their speech because they are afraid of losing their social media account or their job?

What kind of men willingly drive their women to government sponsored baby murdering factories?

What kind of men must produce paperwork in order to justify travel through government checkpoints in a country their founders fought and died for?

What kind of men must ask for permission and a license to fish or hunt or to even build a pond on his own property or sell a medicinal salve to his neighbor?

What kind of men allow red flag laws to be used to take away his firearms because a neighbor has complained?

What type of men allow and encourage their women into the military to fight their own battles?

What kind of men turn a blind eye at innocents in prison, judicial corruption and medical tyranny?

At what point does living in this cesspool of corruption, lies, deceit and wickedness indicate that we are complicit in the lying?

There are things worse than death.

Choose ye this day…

 – Author Unknown