When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down?

January 19, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Lee Duigon

January 19, 2023

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve had the strangest feeling that the whole “Woke” enterprise will come crashing down in little pieces—and a lot sooner than we think.

In the last century the world faced two horrendous threats, the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. Both seemed unstoppable. But the Reich was brought down by military force, rigorously applied; and the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own cruelty and inept and crazy economic policies.

In a fallen world, evil never lies dormant for long. Today we have two new threats to deal with: Communist China, and the globalist coven led by the World Economic Forum. Look at what they’re brewing up for us.

*They use our public schools to groom our children for sex, doing everything they can think of to encourage children to be “transgender.” The point of this is to destroy the family, which has always been an obstacle to authoritarian rule. “Transgender” not only subjects the family to chaos; it also has the potential to impose widespread sterility upon the human face: can’t reproduce if they’ve cut out your reproductive organs and shot you full of puberty blockers. Honk if you can find a WEF bigwig who doesn’t think the human population must be drastically reduced.

♦ Assisted suicide is now offered as an answer to life’s problems. In this Canada takes the lead—and here we go reducing the population again. Humanists have very little love for human beings.

♦ They want to take our stuff: gas stoves, privately owned cars, privately owned homes, our means of self-defense, and anything else they think we need to do without. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”: that’s their pitch. If that appeals to you, get help.

♦ Big Government, Big Tech, and big corporations infested by wokies labor to smother all dissent. Gotta put a lid on all that “misinformation”! They use our universities to preach that free speech always leads to hate speech, so it has to be censored. For our own good, of course.

These are the evils that they’ve already launched at us. So what makes me think they might not be unstoppable, after all?

If we take tens of millions of our children out of “public education,” we can sit back and watch the teachers’ unions and teachers’ colleges shrivel up and die—and hamstring the Transgender movement while we’re at it.

And just how popular is the program described above? All around the world, the people hate it. Red China has mastered the art of suppressing its own people. How long can they keep it up? Surely not forever. What happens when God raises up leaders who will know how to stop the unstoppable? The enemy can rig elections—but can they rig the human spirit? What if the people say “No, you cannot take our stuff!”—what then? What if Herod’s men stop being Herod’s men, and refuse to trample down their families, friends, and neighbors? Remember the old woman in Moscow who stood before the tanks and wouldn’t let them pass; and the soldiers in those tanks refused to run her down. All it took, that day, was one old woman who said “No!”

And do we need point out that the policies embraced by tyrants are, in their own favorite word, “unsustainable”? They never fail to produce misery, poverty, and chaos. “Progressives” are too dense, too puffed-up with hubris, to see that. More fool them.

There’s always some tyrant, some cabal, who wants to rule the world: it’s a dynamic of history. Some get farther than others, but none has ever reached the finish line. Every form of crime and cruelty has been enlisted for that purpose. It’s no different now. The technology changes, new crimes are invented, but the dynamic is the same.

The Judge of all the earth will surely do right. And the stage will be swept clear until new idiots arise.