Where is George W. Bush During This 2020 Election Season?

October 21, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


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We don’t know where W, (as he is called by some), is, but we know where he’s not.
He’s not standing up like a Republican ex-President, and siding with the only Republican to win the Presidency in this century by a large margin, who is also:
  • the most pro-life President ever; being the first President to personally- in person- address the March for Life.
  • the man who presided over the best unemployment figures since the statistic was kept.
  • possibly the man who has suffered the most unfair press in history.  This ill press includes lies and purposeful omissions of positive news about him.  It has been well-documented by one of the greatest journalists in history, Sharyl Attkisson, at her web page, where she generously labels, as mistakes, these acts of malfeasance of the press:  Media Mistakes In the Age of Trump by Sharyl Attkisson   (By the way, ANTIFA is a THING that exists; it’s not just an idea; The PRESS is an IDEA which no longer widely exists as a thing.)
  • the man who has presided over nearly unbelievably huuuuuge economic growth before the economy was shuttered, primarily by Democrat Governors.
  • a man who has questioned the endless unnecessary wars which began under W.  (Maybe W is more pro-unnecessary war than he is pro-life?)
  • the only man, REPEAT, the only man who stands between the American people and the abomination of President Biden cum Kamala, she being Kamala Harris, easily the most radical, leftist, socialist-dogma-promoting candidate for national office EVER.
George W. Bush, the W stands in for PUNK, President Underperforming (with) No Knowledge.
God has blessed America repeatedly and it may be that, in the end, we’re going to respond, “meh.”
Je suis Spike
I do believe that President Trump will win re-election in a landslide if only fair votes are counted.  With the cheating that the Democrats have been committing, are committing and will be committing, who knows?  The Democratic Party:  The party of the lie, by the lie and for the lie; may it perish from this earth.