“WHERE’S THE EMERGENCY?” — The Healthy American, Peggy Hall #PeggyHall #TheHealthyAmerican

August 27, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff



The Healthy American Peggy Hall

www.TheHealthyAmerican.org/subscribe Thank you for supporting this channel: www.paypal.me/peggyhall ‼️”Where’s the emergency??” ‼️There is no emergency… Therefore no emergency orders, ordinances or regulations that have come out of a so-called state of emergency or local emergency are valid. Period. By these states own definitions we are in phases and re-opening stages and guidelines… None of those are remotely enforceable by law, because there is no state of emergency. It is up to us to educate and share love, light and learning so those can come out of the darkness and into the light. Join me here so I can show you exactly how with letters and action tips: 🇺🇸www.thehealthyamerican.org