Who Is this Evil Fauci and Why Is He Running the White House and Congress?

May 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Lew Rockwell

“A pandemic influenza would mean widespread infection essentially throughout every region of the world.”

~ Anthony Fauci–“H5N1 – Killer Flu”. “Wide Angle” with Bill Moyers, www.pbs.org. September 20, 2005. 

Tony Fauci got his wish, or at least he and others were able to manufacture a scenario that would make his wish come true. One of yesterday’s reports after Fauci testified before Congress stated:

Fauci, a member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the nation’s efforts to battle the deadly virus and the COVID-19 disease it triggers should be “focused on the proven public health practices of containment and mitigation.”

In other words, everyone should remain in lockdown, which of course means home prison, and this is known by the perpetrators of this fraud to cause severe stress that kills the immune system, thus guaranteeing more sickness, more death, and more tyranny. Fauci knows this, as does his partner in crime, Bill Gates. The longer people are isolated and stressed, the more disease that will occur, and that plays right into the hands of those like Fauci that desire total control over society in order to gain for themselves.

Fauci said today that no schools should open this fall. One of Fauci’s trained seals, Senator Lamar Alexander said, “All roads back to work and back to school run through testing.” That sounds like it is a foregone conclusion that Phase 2 has already begun in the minds of the enforcers. Testing legislation is breaking out everywhere, with language that would allow homes to be invaded by state “authorities” so as to forcibly test residents, and remove any they deem necessary. The federal version was allowed to be numbered H.R.6666, and there is no way that was an accident.

Testing seems to be the first order of business, but testing is fatally flawed, and the FDA approved tests were never reliable, and in fact were laced with Covid-19, so why would anyone voluntarily take one of these tests? Is that the reason that government wants to make testing mandatory? The goal seems to be to keep as many people sick as possible until the vaccine comes out, with the carrot being dangled that all will be normal as soon as everyone is injected with poisonous viruses and toxins, especially the children and the old. Of course, evil people like Fauci have a vested interest in vaccinating all on earth, as he is in bed with Gates, and sits on the Leadership Council of Gates’ Decade of Vaccines Collaboration. Fauchi also personally holds patents, and gets royalties on other inventions and drugs that were discovered while using nearly unlimited taxpayer money. In addition, Fauci and others at NIH were caught concealing millions of dollars in royalties from government-funded experimental treatments in the past. This corruption and these contradictions are rarely mentioned, and never in the mainstream media.

Fauci and Gates have had close ties for a long time, and recently, Fauci through the NIH, got $100 million from the Gates Foundation. Gates is currently funding seven factories in attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine, and is a large contributor, along with DARPA, The Wellcome Trust (UK), the WHO, EU, and DERA, to The Pirbright Institute (UK), which holds the patent of the Coronavirus. All these links are not benign or irrelevant, and in fact are extremely damning, especially considering that Fauci is controlling from the top level the national narrative concerning this so-called outbreak. It is all too convenient and conspiratorial.

There are many, many more indiscretions apparent in Fauci’s past and present, and Dr. Judy Mikovits has bravely exposed his corruption, and offered to appear before Congress to testify. She has been horribly abused by this government, jailed, silenced, and is now having most everything she says taken down by every mainstream outlet, communication companies, social media, large internet providers, and government. Damage control and censorship at this level means only one thing, and that is that the information she is providing is dangerous to Fauci, the pharmaceutical companies, and the criminals in government due to their nefarious plots. They are all attempting to hide the truth, and keep the public from understanding the corruption that is obviously evident.

There is absolutely nothing concerning those like Fauci and Gates that consists of honest charity or help for mankind. The kind of philanthropy practiced by Gates and his ilk is that of deception, for his desire to help people is just a cover for his real aspirations of money, power, and control. Philanthropy at this level is meant to achieve large-scale objectives, objectives that are aimed at the masses and allow for wealth transfer and control. There is a huge difference in heartfelt charity and large-scale philanthropy, and the latter is most always about sinister intent.

As I write this, the government has announced that a contract for $138 million has been issued to fund production of 500 million pre-filled Covid-19 vaccine “injection devices,” this before any vaccine is available or tested. The contract was awarded to ApiJect Systems America, and these projects have been named “Project Jumpstart,” and “RAPID USA.” These names sound like those conjured up for covert war strategies, and that is exactly what this is. This is a war against all of us, and is meant to accomplish mandated and forced vaccination of the world with vaccines filled with poison. In my opinion, certain areas targeted will also contain sterilization agents meant to accomplish population control sought by those in power.

Anthony Fauci said in light of this news:“There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective.” He told this to a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions during a hearing on reopening businessesThere are continued warnings daily by Fauci and others that there is a second wave coming soon, and they know that due to all the isolation and stress that more people will get sick, and all this sickness will be said to have been caused by Covid-19.  That will be an absolute lie. It is imperative in order for the ruling class, the politicians, the pharmaceutical companies, and those in “health” organizations to perpetuate the myth of this coronavirus in order to achieve their true goals. This cannot be allowed to happen.

The first to be preyed upon concerning any new untested vaccine will be the children, as this vaccine will immediately be mandated for all kids in public schools. How can any parents allow their children to be the guinea pigs for this heinous government experiment in terror due to the lies of evil men like Fauci. Will the sheep in this country ever wake up to see the true nature of government, or will they continue to wallow in cowardice and apathy at the hands of a most evil government?

“The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.” ~ Ludwig Von Mises (1985). “Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War”, Libertarian Press