WHO Treaty for Global Martial Law

December 22, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


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WHO Treaty for Global Martial Law

There Are No Emergency Powers


In the second war of American independence, The War of 1812, a young Dolley Madison would not allow the British to defile the portrait of George Washington, so she had the enormous frame broken and the canvass rolled up and two trusted friends removed it for safe keeping. Shortly afterward, the First Lady evacuated the White House. A short time later, after drinking President Madison’s wine, British soldiers lit up rags and set fire to the White House.

There were many times during the war of 1812 where things looked bleak for the Americans. President James Madison saw his wife flee the White House and their home burned to the ground with much of the capital. Unlike Andrew Jackson, who’s victory in New Orleans caused him to become a second George Washington in the public mind, Madison never violated the Bill of Rights and never usurped the freedom of American citizens. Madison’s faith in the document he wrote withstood a test that just about every war time president after him failed. Madison knew that the document he wrote did not grant emergency powers. Madison understood that individual liberty that did not violate the liberty of another, was outside the jurisdiction of government authority.

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After a war between the states, two world wars, a couple undeclared wars, wars to enforce U.N. sanctions in the Middle East, an amorphous war against terrorism, with it’s so-called Patriot Act, and a war against a virus, which turned out to be a biological weapon, it seems that the first action taken almost always is to begin limiting and restricting the rights of citizens. War historically is a pretense toward limiting individual freedom. False flags are embedded in history i.e., the Reichstag fire in 1930s Germany. By now, most people are at least a little skeptical on the official 911 narrative. Remember the Maine….

In Orwell’s 1984 there was a constant state of war between three global powers and this helped facilitate control over the population. Rule by fear and hate were so prevalent in Orwell’s 1984 that there was an official hate week. In the name of security people were encouraged to report on each other and video surveillance was utilized. Big Brother was always watching.

Today, even when not at war, we have government/corporate controlled mass media creating a perpetual state of war, at least emotionally. This is particularly true with all things Covid. Although, here we have what increasingly appears a biological weapon in Covid 19, followed up with Covid shots, which also increasingly seem a biological weapon. I use the terms ‘appears’ and ‘seems’ lightly.

Global technocrats have openly promoted depopulation and a system of total centralized control. Apparently, this international criminal class will stop at nothing. Attorney Thomas Renz recently reported that he is being told that a new biological weapon is to be released around the time of the WHO treaty. Renz notes that this is what he is being told, and that he does not have hard evidence provable in a court of law at this point, on this issue. According to Renz, there is great fear about those looking into the creation of Covid 19 by DOD and American intelligence community. Renz reports DOD and intelligence community involvement with Covid 19 and Covid shots, and that he has the receipts on this conspiracy. According to Renz there is a genuine panic that people at the DOD and in the intelligence community, will face justice for their crimes against humanity. Renz also reports that he has more information coming, including whistle blowers regarding systemic murders in hospitals.

Renz reports that he may have legitimate evidence that attacks on the food supply were orchestrated. This is unlikely to surprise you if you are reading this. Although, if he has evidence, then this is an important revelation. Essentially, we are seeing globalist control over the military and unrestricted warfare against the American people. Covid, covid shots, lockdowns, masks, fake elections, a centralized digital bank currency, supply chain shortages, are all elements of The Great Reset.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing a treaty that appears to assert the organization has global martial law powers. We are looking at the creation of a global top down biomedical tyranny. This looks to include forced vaccinations, forced quarantines, vaccine passports, and what amounts to truth ministries. Teams of experts will be operating within a nation’s borders. Surveillance and censorship of information deemed inappropriate will ensue. There will be a compliance committee and it has shifted from recommendations to a binding accord. A short list of the specific issues are listed in Doctor Meryl Nash’s substack.

Attempts to make these changes to WHO via amendments is outright war. Dr. Nash posted a good template letter to your congressman.

Make no mistake about it. Any senators that sign onto this treaty are committing treason against the United States. This treaty is a major step toward global tyranny. It must be stopped. Even if ratified, a treaty that violates, and is arguably antithetical to the Bill of Rights, is not valid and must be resisted. The rights protected in the Bill of Rights exist outside the jurisdiction of all levels and branches of government. Signing onto this treaty would be signing onto overthrowing the United States government.

We have a situation where globalist technocrats are engaging in unrestricted war against Americans and then offering slavery and genocide as the solution. This is a multidimensional attack on Americans and the global population. It is painfully obvious at this point that this is about population reduction and control over all aspects of an individual’s life. This is about creating a prison planet.

None of this would ever have happened if there was a philosophical grounding and basic understanding of the Bill of Rights. It was only through buying into the notion that government can usurp your rights in the name of security, or that a fictional collective entity has rights that supersede an individual’s rights, that the erosion of fundamental liberty has occurred. The idea of emergency powers has grown and has been reinforced, since at least the War Between the States. The first lie that must be bought into is that government has emergency powers. This lie appears the first step to take to follow the road to serfdom.

I’d speculate that James Madison would never have taken the bait. Neither should we.

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