WHTT Challenges Ivanka Trump in Fresno

June 28, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


We Hold These Truths‘ Central Valley California Outreach Director, Dave Jacobs, spotted media at the Fresno, CA airport, while he was driving by. He found out that President Donald Trumps’ daughter, Ivanka was arriving in Fresno for a Republican fundraising luncheon. Dave retreived his signs and went back to the airport to greet Ivanka and her entourage. Chants of “No More Wars For Israel” can be heard on the video report showing  Ivanka leaving the airport. With some super sleuthing, Dave was able to find out where Ivanka was heading for lunch. Then, Dave and his crew showed up at the offices of Harris Construction with some other protestors. This got reported in another TV news report (see below).

As reported in Fresno, CA:

Ivanka Trump lands in Valley, protesters greet First Daughter

Ivanka Trump took a whirlwind fundraising tour across California on Monday, hitting Los Angeles and then the Central Valley.

While the Fresno event was private, held around noon at Harris Construction on Home Avenue, some people took the opportunity to protest Trump’s visit to the Valley.

Trump walked with confidence in her all-white dress with black heels as she ignored protesters and headed into the high-price per plate lunch hosted by key members of the Valley agriculture community…

She landed in Fresno via private jet. She was surrounded by secret service agents, who were aided by Fresno Police Department detectives and police dogs…

Just yards away, protesters held signs calling for peace, especially in Israel.

David Jacobs with activists “We Hold These Truths” lives in the area. He drove by and saw news media gathering near the Fresno International Airport.

He came back with signs.

“We spread the word about the genocide carried out by Israel in Gaza and how the American Christian Church supports Israel and that genocide,” he said.

Others said they wanted to send a message to the White House about war and immigration.

“Trump’s right up in there,” said Kitty Jacobs. “Ivanka being here today — it was a last-minute opportunity to come out here and hold signs.”…