Why Are Our Borders Wide Open To Everyone In The World?

October 27, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  blacklistednews

By Frosty Wooldridge

October 27, 2022

Who exactly continues to destroy America with open borders?  Is it Biden? his handlers?  Is it the New World Order people? Is it Soros?  Is it the people attempting to imitate the European Union by creating a North American Union of Canada, America, Central America and Mexico? Please note: Europe is being destroyed by immigration via the European Union.  Is it Barack Obama who promised to, “Fundamentally change America…?”  Is it someone who wants to displace Whites because they displaced the Native Americans?  Who is it that actually would like to see total chaos and breakdown of America?

At this point, whomever is trying to destroy the very foundation of America, and our Constitution…they are succeeding.  They have kids hating their own country enough to form Antifa, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood, Somaliland, Islamic Detroit, Smash & Grab, abortion vs pro-life, 35 documented Islamic training centers from New York To California, Covid 19 jabs for everyone with deadly R-MNA, 540,000 homeless Americans, enormous illiteracy in big cities and the list grows.

With all of that nightmare, we have a full-scale invasion of our southern border.  To date, since Dementia Joe settled into the White House 21 months ago, the latest reports show 4.4 million illegal alien border jumpers have swarmed into our country according to the U.S. Border Patrol and www.fairus.org. Another 600,000 “got-a-ways.” They are invading our cities, towns and military bases.  They are housed in hotels, tents, military bases and even being pushed into Air BnB housing. Their children are overwhelming our schools.  All at your expense!

Those are no small numbers!  FAIR also tabulated the cost to American taxpayers at a whopping $20.4 billion of your money.  And, that’s just the beginning.

I can’t say this enough: there are 83,000,000 new babies added to the planet, net gain, annually.  There’s no way we can save even a fraction of them. We can help them in their own countries, but we  cannot continue importing millions of them…because their numbers are beyond our ability to save them.  But we sure can destroy ourselves and our children’s futures if we keep importing them over our borders either legally or illegally.

Cheering those border jumpers on…Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, suffering from  dementia at age 82, applauds them as crop-pickers needed in Florida.  She said that last week while in her own State of California, no less than 100,000 homeless sleep on the sidewalks of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  While she celebrates over 4 million illegals  in her own state, along with Governor Gavin Newsome, you’re paying the bills with your hard-earned tax dollars.

Even before Biden assumed office, www.cis.org with Dr. Steven Camarota tabulated 500,000 illegals crossing our borders annually since 1986 when Reagan gave over 4.0 million illegals amnesty. That’s when the invasion started.

But notice, not one House Member or U.S. Senator has ever done anything to stop the human onslaught…save House Member Tom Tancredo from Colorado 20 years ago.

So, what do you make of 23 to 25 million illegals siphoning welfare dollars, education and medical care off your country into the trillions of dollars?  Is there any wonder that you and me, the American taxpayers are up to our eyeballs in $31 trillion in national debt? Is it any wonder that we must listen to Spanish on hundreds of radio and TV shows because their numbers are so great?  They are not here to become Americans.

Have you noticed the ads on TV these days?  Talk about “affirmative action” quotas that have run off the scale!  Have you noticed that education has devolved from the Three R’s, to Critical Race Theory being taught so your children will be despised for the  color of their skin?  What about transgender changes for third graders, and men competing in women’s sports to the point of total destruction of women’s sports?

In fact, this past weekend at a college volleyball game, a transgender guy hit a spike so hard, that when it hit a girl in the face on the other side of the net, the ball knocked her out.  Why? Because a man pretending to be a woman has enough muscle to bash a ball at least 50 miles per hour faster than a woman.  Not only did she suffer a concussion from his spike, but she suffered another concussion when she hit the wood floor.

As an American citizen, a citizen journalist and a man who loves his country—we need to change course if our country hopes to survive the next two years and beyond.  Because, if we don’t, we will exceed a “fail-safe” point where we cannot save our country.

If you like the borders open and you understand the long-term ramifications of such actions by our House members and U.S. Senators,  by all means, vote for more of the same.  Vote Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, all of Biden’s supporters, all open border candidates and all illegal alien sympathizers.  Because, as of 2022, they are winning, and America is losing.

If those open borders people keep winning and keep getting elected…do you have any idea of how much worse it’s going to get for all  of us?

Whom am I supporting?  Every governor should be a Kari Lake out of Arizona and a Senator Blake Masters out of Arizona. They are regular citizens who are sick and tired of worthless career politicians. Every Senator should have the brains, common sense and energy of Dr. Oz out of Pennsylvania.  I’d vote for Lee Zeldin in New York for Governor.  He makes sense and supports the police and the rule of law.  He would fire Attorney General Alvin Bragg who gives criminals a free pass and back on the streets within hours.  He opposes sanctuary cities. I’d vote for Tudor Dixon for governor of Michigan. Why? These people are all-Americans, and they stand for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

We can add Adam Laxalt in Nevada and O’Dea in Colorado.  Both of Colorado’s U.S. Senators Hickenlooper and Bennet are open borders advocates along with Governor Jared Polis.  All of them  have done nothing for U.S. citizens…and in face, work against all of us by supporting Colorado as a “Sanctuary State.”

Whatever you do the next two weeks, think about your future. Think about your kids’  future. Think about your community. Think about your city. Think about your country…right here, the United States of America.

Finally, if we allow our elected leaders to continue on this massive immigration invasion of our country, do you want to live in this country with another 100,000,000 foreigners by 2050?  Do you want us to jump from 335 million to 440 million people all struggling for water, food, energy, transport and resources?  How do you think it will turn out for your kids?

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