Why the Assassination of JFK matters to us today

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By David Neal


To keep the peace and defend the country are a U.S. President’s primary duty.


Contrary to many shallow historians, President John F. Kennedy was not going into Vietnam with ground troops; he was pulling 1000 “advisors” out in Dec 1963, all the rest of them by 1965. (see NSAM 263).  He was murdered on Nov 22, 1963, one month before the first 1000 could be pulled out.  Lyndon Johnson reversed this order with NSAM273 four days after the murder and by March 1965 500,000 American soldiers were in Vietnam.


The war in Southeast Asia, as part of the Cold War Strategy, had been in the works during Eisenhower’s Presidency, and since JFK had begun to show he was not going to go along with that plan, a cabal of powerful US officials, businessmen and intelligence people in collusion with military leaders, and some foreigners, decided to remove him. They did it surreptitiously, criminally, and with sophisticated planning, and covered their tracks with the help of compliant media. (See books by John Newman, James Douglass et al.)


Since the assassination involved so much of the hierarchy of the government and private business, particularly prominent individuals associated with the Texas oil industry, intelligence, defense communities, and powerful political figures, it was essentially a “government” decision – an official act of the State. This is the basic and honest reason why, if there are papers in the archives that prove this, they cannot be released.


This coup d’état set the US on the course we’ve been on since 1963, namely hegemony and military dominance on the world stage, driven by the needs of a thriving war machine.


First, the war in Vietnam, a ten-year debacle started by Lyndon Johnson in 1964, but planned years before, made a lot of money for those who promoted it, and devastated thousands of families in America and millions of people in Southeast Asia. People who began to speak out against this war policy were removed violently: not only John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, but Malcolm X in February 1965, Martin Luther King in April 1968, Bobby Kennedy in June 1968 and even a monk, Thomas Merton in Dec 1968, among others.


Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for President again in 1968 after nearly 28,000 Americans had been killed in Viet Nam.  Richard Nixon continued the war until he was run out of office by “Watergate,” and nearly 30,000 more had been killed.  Both Nixon and Ford were aware of, if not actual participants in the cabal that took over – and their policies reflected this regime change – but Ford was so bad that a relatively unknown peanut farmer, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, easily beat him in 1976.


George H W Bush, as Director of CIA under the short term Presidency of Gerald Ford, 1974-1976, was able to keep a lid on the CIA’s criminal and illegal activities until the Church Committee’s (1975-76) disclosures.  CIA Director William Colby, after Bush’s short stint, admitted a lot of the crimes to that committee, exposing the so-called “family jewels.” Jimmy Carter’s CIA  Director, Stansfield Turner, did some major house cleaning at the agency after this disclosure.  Colby later probably paid with this life in a strange drowning incident in 1996 for his honesty, as he began to publicly question and discuss controversies surrounding the Franklin Scandal, among others.


The 1980 “October Surprise” was  a secret deal facilitated by future CIA Director Bill Casey and Reagan’s future VP and ex-CIA Director George H. W. Bush between Republicans and Iranian mullahs who were promised weapons and money if they held the Carter era US Embassy hostages until the election and defeat of Jimmy Carter. They held the hostages until the day of Reagan’s Inauguration.


Ronald Reagan continued the hegemonic war policy in South America by illegally funding Contras, supporting death squads and letting his Vice President George H.W. Bush run everything, until they got caught in the Iran-Contra scandal and Reagan had to publicly admit what they were doing – running guns and drugs all around the world.


“The Cabal” got back in the driver’s seat later in 1989 when George H. W. Bush assumed the Presidency. It is possible he would have ascended to the Presidency sooner than he did, as a member of the cabal that took over in 1963, but Reagan survived an assassination attempt in early 1981 and was elected twice.

William Clinton and George H. W. Bush were both part of this “Cabal,” this “deep state,” a sort of “League,” often referred to as the Uniparty, that was in charge.  Like the offense and defense scrimmage squads on the same team in football, they came from different “squads.” In 1992 Red squad member George H.W. Bush’s discrepancies, his CIA connection, his personal perversions, exposed by the Franklin Scandal, and a J Edgar Hoover memo exposing him as CIA in 1963, probably put Blue squad Clinton in the White House.  Actually, Ross Perot, a rare third party candidate received 21%, split the Republican vote, and essentially helped to inadvertently  elect Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Clinton’s Presidency was filled with debacle and murder one after the other. First the WTC bombing in Feb, 1993; the Waco standoff tragedy in April 1993; Vince Foster’s murder in June 1993;  the OKC  Murrah Building Bombing in April 1995; the TWA 800 shoot down in July 1996;  John F Kennedy Jr’s death and possible murder in July 1999, Ron Brown’s death and many other mysterious and yet unexplained deaths distinguished his Presidency along with personal problems with women.  Nevertheless, he was elected twice, although impeached, and barely acquitted. His contribution to the Uniparty war machine was the Bosnian War.


With the help of Supreme Court Chief Justice Scalia, the Presidency was handed back to the Red squad’s George W Bush, son of the former CIA Director, and President, although it  really did not matter who won. The cold war hegemon “cabal” was still in charge.


9/11 undoubtedly would have happened under Al Gore, but George Bush’s election set the stage nicely. Congress’s passage of Homeland Security and the War Powers Act based on the anger produced by the Sept 11, 2001 attacks allowed him  to continue  the slaughter and murder that his dad started in Iraq.

Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol and all the other signatories to the Progress for A New American Century (PNAC) had sent a letter to Clinton on Jan 26, 1998, and a later letter to Bush on Sept 20, 2001, saying we need a “new Pearl Harbor” to ignite the plan to dominate the next Century by force, if necessary. General Wesley Clark’s disclosure of a Pentagon memo identified the countries they intended to ruin and/or loot as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.  Blaming Iraq for the 911 attack, (The New Pearl Harbor), the Cabal feinted to Afghanistan first, then attacked Iraq in March 2003 to remove non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. The mainstream media, MIC, intel agencies, private companies, and war mongering politicians led the charge.


George W. Bush was elected twice, 2000 and 2004, a result of people so whiplashed that they were easily swayed to follow mainstream media and MIC pipers. Some claim the Republicans stole the 2004 election from John Kerry. It may not have mattered since Kerry has shown to have been a Uniparty war machine player as well.


Barack Obama, a Blue squad recruit, was elected on a promise of Hope and Change, but, constantly looking over his shoulder, he was aware of the risk of thwarting the Cabal and became just as dangerous to small countries like Yemen and people who were in the sights of the MIC as the Red squad had been.  He perfected murder by drone and got unwarranted credit for killing Osama Bin Laden and destroyed one of the most modern and progressive countries in the Middle East – Libya, with the help of French President Sarkozy, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, among other minions. He has been handsomely rewarded for his contributions to the War Machine.


Eventually Donald Trump, a non-team player, was surprisingly elected in 2016 and scrambled the chairs of the Cabal. But Trump was an outsider and was not easy to manage. Although a lousy judge of character, he would not easily go along with Pentagon plans as willingly as others had, so he had to go, and with a vengeance. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and the Blue squad were so incensed that Trump won in 2016 that they would do anything to get rid of him, and they did.


The manipulation of the 2020 election will be debated for years. Now we have Biden, Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Victoria Nuland, Samantha Powers and other like-minded warmongers heading up our war machine. A War Machine whose legacy began in the coup d’état of November 1963.


This nauseatingly tragic history could easily have been avoided had the violent Coup D’état not murdered John Kennedy, and later Robert Kennedy. Every President after JFK understood, either viscerally or subliminally, this reality and was circumspect because of it. None could ignore the significance of the Zapruder film.  Free-rein global bullying continued on into the current century.

So, as we look back upon this history of ashes and  loss of freedoms, industry, faith, decency and truth, ask yourself, why does it matter? What difference does it make to commit “a murder most foul” in broad daylight of the President of our United States and never fairly investigate and hold anyone accountable?


History speaks for itself, and “by their fruits ye shall know them”, say wise old sayings. “Let those who have eyes to see, ears to hear”, and so on…


I voted Democrat all my life. I worked hard for both Clintons and especially Obama. I was very disappointed to see hegemonic war policies continue unabated.  I wrote – in Tulsi Gabbard in 2020. Now I just search out truth and honesty and I don’t care where it comes from.


We’ve been waiting 60 years for honest answers to fundamental questions about why we are not the country we all thought we were supposed to be. This coming election may be our last chance to begin to get some answers. Time has faded and blurred the sharp lessons of this 60 year-old story. We are a good hearted, easily misled hodge podge of cultures and persuasions. We are not perfect, but we were founded on fundamentals, which if practiced could save us all.


Ask yourself, what can you do for your country? I’m supporting Bobby Kennedy, the son and nephew of Robert and John Kennedy. If you know history and have read his books and not listened to the smears, you will, too.


David Neal is a General Contractor, former High School History teacher. He is also a Singer Songwriter and Rotary President.   He was a founding member with Tom Stalcup of Flight 800 Independent Research Organization, ( FIRO) and is a board member of JFK Conferences, LLC. He has appeared in documentaries on TWA 800 and on CSPAN during the Sunshine TWA800 NTSB hearings in 2000.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

November 22 comes once a year, every year.
By David Neal

People disagree about who killed JFK. Many think there was a conspiracy, and some don’t. I can’t say who killed JFK, but I suspect the government did it. Why would I give credence to such a thing? So much research has gone into the death of JFK that it is tiresome at this stage to rehearse and regurgitate the scenarios that negate Oswald’s guilt. Could he have done it? Probably. Did he do it? No. That is not to say he wasn’t in the Book Depository, nor is it to say a shot from the depository could not have hit the President. The arguments against conspiracy involve minute calculations with laser and computer technology stressing where and how the President was hit from behind by a shot from the sixth floor, now a museum, with a “magic bullet”. Once the debate centers on that bullet, unfortunately, forensic and logical discussion take a hike. I’ll explain in a second.

It seems to me the assassinations of the sixties, John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy are the starting points of a pattern of control by the government that has become more sophisticated, subtle and obviously dangerous as time goes on. I know these are outrageous things to hear in some corners. Bear with me. Although I’m not going to convince you that John Kennedy was killed by the government anymore than I can convince you that you were wrong in voting for George Bush, I think I can show you that forensics and logic indicate not only that Oswald was probably a patsy, but that all the machinations of the government investigation worked to cover-up truth and perpetuate a lie, as well.

For one thing, John Kennedy was hit in the throat from the front. Drs Malcolm Perry, and Carrico and Nurse Henchliffe, all who saw the wound in the throat before Dr. Perry opened it wider for a tracheotomy, described it as an entry wound. But that wasn’t all. They gave measurements. Dr. Perry said, in writing, the hole was about a quarter inch in size. (3-6mm) No one disputes this. That was smaller than the  Arlan Specter-created magic bullet, a 6.5 mm missile that was supposed to have gone in Kennedy’s back and come out his throat. But this simply didn’t happen. An autopsy of Kennedy’s body was performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital on Friday night and Saturday morning after the assassination and it was determined that no missile went through Kennedy’s back, nor was there evidence of a bullet going out of the throat, except for the appearance of the the surgical wound caused by the Dallas doctors trying to save his life the day before.

Warren Report apologists such as Gerald Posner, Vince Bugliosi, John McAdams have all implied that the Dallas doctors said Kennedy was hit from the back. This is not true. They all said there was a large hole in the back of Kennedy‘s head. The facts are there for anyone to see. Dr. Perry described several times in public and in private, to Harold Weisberg, for one, that the throat wound was an entry wound. I didn’t know Malcolm Perry and I will not attempt to explain his later hedging about the nature of the wound. It is not relevant because one would have to explain the Secret Service’s intentions in trying to convince him with a controversial autopsy report from Bethesda that disputed his own eyes that a bullet did not enter Kennedy’s throat from the front. I can’t do that. I will stick with his original statements, as Gerald Posner so correctly recommends, ironically.

If all of this begins to sound like all the other conspiracy theory arguments you ever heard about every conspiracy theory you ever heard, it’s not surprising. The discrepancies between official stories and what actually happened in the sixties’ assassinations and even later controversies like Waco or the crash of TWA 800 in 1996 are enough to write books and make movies. Few of us have time or patience to wade through evidence, if we can get it from the government, as in the TWA800 case in particular, so the best we can do is try to listen to those who have done a lot of searching for the truth and give them the benefit of the doubt when they disagree with official pronouncements. Unfortunately the History Channel will not help here. It tends to echo the official line. But I digress.

The point here is a bullet entered Kennedy’s throat from the front. Whether or not the infamous head shot depicted so graphically in the Zapruder film came from the front or back only reinforces your predetermined persuasion: from the front- a conspiracy; from the back- Oswald. Since a front shot in the throat, with a little investigation of the forensics and the Dallas doctor’s original statements, is relatively easy to prove, I’m going to leave it on the table as true for now and expand upon the government’s ability to control information and public thought right up to our times. After small basic truths are manipulated in or out of the public mind the official stories are fairly easy to sell.

For example, let’s look a little closer at how this has been accomplished since the sixties with just a few of the so-called conspiracy-type events with which I am familiar. John Kennedy’s assassination: a front throat shot, proving a conspiracy of some kind, lost early on and covered up by the Warren Commission. King’s assassination: a shooter in the bushes, and Army snipers on nearby rooftops, still being argued about, but suggesting a major conspiracy; Robert Kennedy’s assassination: gunshots to the back and within an inch or so behind his right ear- proving Sirhan Sirhan didn’t do it, and thus a major conspiracy.

Jump forward and leave out Malcolm X’s assassination, 1965, George Wallace’s wounding, 1972, Reagan’s wounding, 1981 and many others that I have not studied in great detail and move to Vince Foster’s death, 1993: forensics and an independent investigation by AttorneyJohn Clarke suggest Foster was shot in the side of the neck and was pushing a gun away with both hands at the time, which establishes a homicide and not a suicide. Did Hillary do it, the Mossad, CIA, ISI? Who knows? But Vince Foster didn’t kill himself.

Now look at TWA800, a 747 that fell out of the sky off Long Island in July, 1996. 100 eyewitnesses saw missiles going up from the surface to the plane and blowing it up. It was important to keep the eyewitnesses from ever telling their stories in public, and that is exactly what the government did, even arresting a journalist who tried to find out the truth. WacoOklahoma City, the blind sheik and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing? All fraught with conspiracy. If you like your debunking neat and tidy you can find it on the networks or in the official explanations by either former Senator John Danforth or Kenneth Starr. Discrepancies suggest rather that Waco was an urban warfare exercise gone bad. The first WTC bombing? A case involving an FBI informant warning his handlers that terrorists under his control were building a bomb, only to be ignored or worse. And Oklahoma City, a possible inside job.

Now let’s take a deep breath and look at the Mother of all conspiracies: 911. What bits of fact have been shoved out of reach or off the table in this one? Just about all of them. And it’s too fresh and too real to us now to engage in rational debate about it, but it is odd that the President would not testify under oath about his actions on that day despite the rather glaring misstatements about the events he made in public. He was not warned? He saw a plane hit the building before he went into the classroom? He acted quickly? He made our defenses act quickly? One does not have to be a Michael Moore fan to see some serious problems here. And Moore, I don’t think, even takes on the big questions addressed in books by David Ray Griffin‘s The New Pearl Harbor, and others that the WTC buildings appear to have been taken down by demolition, especially building 7, and that a plane made some amazing acrobatic loops to hit the under-populated and under-construction side of the Pentagon while being flown by an incompetent pilot.

But the victors write the history, and have been writing it since 1963. This is the pattern I see. We should have a healthy respect for the truth. But we don’t. We are a country basically dominated by marketing ideas. Marketing is not truth, of course, but a perception perpetuated to make us think and act a predetermined way. It works. Maybe we are happy with just being consumers. I can live with a lie as long as I don’t know what the truth is. This is a fact that the government a long time ago realized and is exactly why you can’t find the truth in their official debunkings, including the 911 Commission’s recent report.

Truth died with Kennedy it seems. In 1962 the Joint Chiefs presented Kennedy with a plan to fabricate reasons to invade Cuba. They genuinely thought Cuba had to be invaded and the only way to get the American people to go along with it was to fool them. It was called Operation Northwoods and was signed off by all the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kennedy and McNamara, Secretary of Defense at the time, figuratively patted them on the head and said nice work boys, now go sit in the corner, as the two of them must have been privately shell-shocked by the crazy plan to shoot down our own airliners and blame it on Castro, blame John Glenn’s possible disaster, if it happened, on Cuba and a host of other insane ideas that would have been impossible to sell to the public at large. Anyway, this attitude toward the guys with guns may have been what precipitated  Kennedy’s removal. Just a thought.

Today it seems those guys who would have been sent to the corner by a Kennedy are being promoted by a Bush. We don’t know enough at this time to go into the details, because Bush has gone out of his way with Executive orders to stifle and actually stop the flow of information back to the public. (Try and look into his father’s presidential papers, especially relating to Iran-Contra. They will only be released if either Bush, or their relatives says they can.)

Nevertheless we can look clear-headedly at what we do know: the Government went to war after scaring us to death. Why has no one investigated properly the anthrax attacks right after 911? Why did Congress get fed all that bogus intelligence about Iraq? Why did the American people come to think Iraq was responsible for 911, and therefore should be invaded? Good Marketing. Marketing is not the actual competition of ideas; it is the successful campaign to convince. If you can control the information and channel the direction of the public mind, then you can sell almost anything. Right now we don’t have much real competition in this marketplace of the truth. But I am being obtuse.

It all boils down to this: Kennedy was killed and the military essentially took over. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were serious threats to the military and the intelligence communities agendas in Vietnam. They had to be removed. Those are pretty much facts, but to continue on you have to let your mind open up a bit. When I say the military, I mean not only the military industrial complex, which by the way pays a lot of salaries and mortgage payments, but also the larger institutions of government. It is not lost on future leaders, if they are circumspect, that this government will not tolerate too much monkeying with its military budgets or foreign policy agendas. Think about how vital to business the Cold War was. Think about the amount of government defense spending, (almost $700 billion for this budget year), that would not be needed without War. You see where I’m going. We need a reason to prepare for war, and if we don’t have one we may have to create a new one. Actually we already have. The War on Terrorism to me is sort of the Mother of all Marketing ideas. Getting to this point in history started on November 22, 1963.

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