With deepest appreciation to the Bundy Family et al

March 8, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Like so many valiant souls before you, your personal freedoms, your self-determination and that of your loves ones, have arbitrarily been taken from you.  For having harmed no one and nothing of substance, but rather for simply standing selflessly and courageously in defense of other people’s innate rights to life and property, you yourselves now live in chains.

Even while untold millions around the world gratefully and prayerfully remember you, we, too, write to assure you that you’ll never be forgotten, praying to the heavens that your sacrifices be not in vain!

Be comforted as you recall that, back through time, it happened to the very best of them:  to the biblical prophets, to Jesus the Christ, to America’s founders.

In your name and on your behalf we pledge to fight on…for the undying Cause of Truth and justice for which you’ve committed your very lives, and given your all.

Sad indeed it is, what the enemy of Liberty can do to one’s outer life, and to our outer world.  But as God lives, this (“satan”) Opposer cannot touch – – can never harm – – your true essence, the eternal Reality that defines you.

Ever with you in the spirit of divine love,

Carol Asher
Kamiah, Idaho