WITNESS: The Sound of Silenced Science

October 4, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Roger Landry

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WITNESS: The Sound of Silenced Science

Standout media that helps to spread a ‘vital message’, and is almost impossible to silence … deserves/must be shared …


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I have spent going on fifteen years now trying my best to bring the truth, or at least other ways of looking at the truth to as many people as possible. Some times I have succeed brilliantly, and others failed miserably. Today the TLBProject is comprised of many global websites and media forums which all strive towards the same goal … all originating from that dream I had said fifteen years ago.

But every once in a while something appears on my radar that helps to present and fortify the message. Something so focused and appropriate that not to use or present it would be detrimental to TLBProject’s stated mission. So I grab that football and run with it in hopes of heading tyranny off at the pass!

One such piece of highly pertinent and valuable media is a song originally written by Paul Simon, and performed by Simon & Garfunkel – “The Sound of Silence,” originally “The Sounds of Silence.” This is a song that was released when I was about ten years old and barely had any interest in music, never mind the deep and altruistic lyrics.

It wasn’t until almost six decades later when I was launching a new show on Republic Broadcasting Network, called TLBTalk Radio, that this song resurfaced in my mind, and became the shows theme song. Now listening to the words brings chills and wonder at the crystal ball Paul Simon absolutely had to posses. The lyrics of this song are so descriptive of society today, both its faults and their ramifications. Since I was never a real fan of the Simon & Garfunkel sound, my version of choice has become the very powerful Disturbed version which I present below:



Lyrics: Hello, darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping


And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence


In restless dreams I walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

Neath the halo of a street lamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp


When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence


And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening


People writing songs that voices never share

And no one dare

Disturb the sound of silence


Fools, said I, You do not know

Silence, like a cancer, grows

Hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you


But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence


And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made

And the sign flashed out its warning

In the words that it was forming


And the sign said

The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls

And whispered in the sound

Of silence”


The Sound of Silenced Science

The Adverse Events featuring The Spike Girls

Now we jump to another arena … another creation also based on this song, and in logical fashion the lyrics, of this powerful classic. Does it surprise me that this is the platform chosen to present this recent and vital message … not in the least. Even though my first reaction was a subdued chuckle and a smile, this may be a big part of the reason it proceeded to impressed me with the force of a brick upside the head.

A message is always many times more powerful if presented across multiple sensory paths such as sight and sound … This presentation, as with the one above, serves to validate that concept brilliantly. Today not just America, but most of humanity suffer the biggest confrontation with those who would play God with us we have ever experienced. This modified version of a powerful classic once again puts that reality in your face. Again I suggest you listen to the song and read the lyrics.

Video: (Presented By: VisceralAdventure)


Hello Darkest MSM,

I’ve come to face you once again,

Because the horrors steadily streaming,

Grew seeds of fear while I was sleeping,

And the nightmares you planted in my brain,

Were sustained,

When you silenced science.


In quarantine I walked alone

Down the halls of my own home

In the halo of a zoom call

I wore a mask ‘cause I was in their thrall

Then my mind was stabbed with a thought of its own free will

I tried until

I understood the science


And on the evening news I saw

Ten million people, maybe more

People jabbing without thinking

People aping without listening

People spewing hate that famous voices shared

But no one dared

Disturb the sound of silence


“Fools” said I, “You do not know

That silence like a cancer grows

Learn the science that it might teach you

Do the math that it might reach you”

But my words, like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of pseudo-science


And the people bowed and prayed

To the CoVid god they made

And the Science shouted its warning

In the findings that it was forming


And I found that

The words of the prophets are written in Substack mail

and Twitter jail,

and echo against … the silence.


As is easily understandable, even to the most casual of observers … this song, the original song, carries a powerful message regardless of what you intend that message to be. This is huge praise for a song originally published almost six decades ago. And how many more serious to vital messages will it bring forward in the future … God only knows, but I will be watching and listening !!


About the Author & Host: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was about fourteen short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of a half dozen proprietary global websites, media projects and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website TheLibertyBeacon.com 


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