WW-III Is Coming Like A Freight Train

September 29, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: Event Horizon Chronicle


In an email exchange earlier today with one of my numerous e-correspondents I wrote:

I think that we are in a predatory, rogue, subset of the Universe. A fake, demonic, A.I.-governed, flawed, bootleg copy of the Universe.

Which reminds me: this local nexus of that fake, bastardized, demonic A.I.-governed subset of the Universe is about to get much more intense as the demonic A.I. loses all of its Satanic marbles and goes on a demonic, whirlwind rampage.

Virtually every passing day drives that point home, harder and harder. Yesterday’s obvious, sabotage attack by the USSA Navy on the Nordstream gas pipelines that run from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea is merely the latest incident to underscore that the USSA/NATO/EU are hell bent on war with Russia, and by God, if they keep up much farther down the destructive road that they are currently on, then war with the Russians is exactly what they are going to get.
No less than Dmitry Medvedev, ex-President and also ex-Prime Minister of Russia, as well as current Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, said just yesterday“I have to remind you again – for those deaf ears who hear only themselves. Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary.”
That’s clear enough for a simple man like me.

But evidently Antony Blinken, who fancies himself to be the Secretary of State of the USSA, is one of those tone deaf individuals who hears only himself, because he went on the record just yesterday saying: “Ukraine has the absolute right to defend itself throughout its territory, including to take back the territory that has been illegally seized one way or another by Russia. The equipment, the weapons that we and many other countries are providing them have been used very effectively to do just that, as we’ve seen in northeast Ukraine and as we see as well in the south…

Of course, given that a huge chunk of the territory that Antony Blinken is talking about will very soon be officially incorporated into the Russian Federation, after the referendums of recent days in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye oblasts that resulted in overwhelming votes in favor of joining Russia, any Ukrainian military attacks designed to reconquer those territories will be construed as a military assault on the Russian Federation itself.

To the extent that Ukraine has been heavily relying on NATO weaponry, advisors, special forces, military intelligence and NATO/EU mercenaries throughout the war, when in the coming weeks Ukrainian/NATO/EU/Pentagon weaponry, advisors, special forces, military intelligence and mercenaries are thrown into military conflict against the soon-to-be Russian Federation oblasts of Kherson, Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporozhye, then that will constitute a direct military attack against the Russian Federation.
In other words, overt war between the USSA/Pentagon/NATO/EU is all but certain at this point, perhaps beginning as early as the October-November time period. Events are moving faster and faster.
The USSA Navy’s spectacular sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipelines in Danish coastal waters yesterday all but guarantees that open warfare will soon spread beyond the Ukraine theater. Vladimir Putin is scheduled to make a speech to the Russian people a couple of days from now concerning the imminent accession to the Russian Federation of the four, former Ukrainian oblasts of Kherson, Lugansk, Donetsk and Zaporozhye. We shall see if he also addresses the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines, and any possible, Russian retaliatory measures that may ensue.
Make no mistake: what the USSA has just done in the Baltic Sea is an act of war against Russia –and also against Germany! — and certainly has been perceived as such by the Kremlin (see Dmitry Medvedev’s remarks above), though as far as Berlin is concerned this present generation of Krauts appear to be a special breed of stupid who are congenitally incapable of kicking against the confining Yankee traces to which they are harnessed.
As Mike Adams has pointed out, the cut-off of Russian gas to Germany is all but a death blow to the German (and European) economy and industry. Among other things, it means the imminent shut down of the massive BASF chemical conglomerate that is at the heart of German and European industry, which relies heavily on a plentiful supply of Russian gas for both energy and as a chemical feedstock. BASF produces a wide range of industrial products, including fertilizers, plastics, petroleum additive chemicals, cleaning supplies and much more.
The massive BASF plant at Ludwigshafen, across the Rhine River from Mannheim, is one of the most important industrial facilities in Europe — or anywhere. It sprawls for 10 square kilometers and runs around the clock. It is so big and so key, that if it fails, then the German economy and much of the rest of the European economy will also fail. If the BASF plant at Ludwigshafen cannot continue to operate, then neither can the greater part of the rest of German industry, not least because a lot of other industries and factories in Germany (and beyond) depend on products that are produced by the BASF at Ludwigshafen.
Many years ago when I was studying German, I lived in a Studentenheim of the University of Mannheim, right along the banks of the Verbindungskanal that joins the Rhine and the Neckar, directly across the Rhine from Ludwigshafen. By day I used to watch the many swans that would frequently swim into the more tranquil waters of the Verbindungskanal from the Rhine and the Neckar. There were also crew teams that would come into the canal to practice, and smartly scull up and down. They were pretty good. They clipped right along in perfect cadence. From time to time, barges with loads of fuel — gasoline, diesel, etc. — would dock across the canal where there was some sort of fuel depot with pipelines. And by night, the thousands of lights at the massive BASF facility across the Rhine lit up the sky.
That has been true for decades, for my entire life; when I was a little boy, when I was in Germany years ago, and still, down to the present day, the lights at the huge BASF industrial facility at Ludwigshafen are shining through the night.
But events of recent months, weeks and days are now conspiring to permanently turn off the BASF lights at Ludwigshafen — and all of the compressors, motors, pumps, hoists, fans, elevators, lifts, cranes and pipelines. All of it will soon shut down, probably permanently.
Months ago my lexical scrying indicated that Germany was going to be daggled in November of this year, i.e., drug through the mud and mire. And so it will be — it will be! — along with much of the rest of Europe, and also the USSA, with a delay of a month or three, given the huge economic, financial, political, military, diplomatic and industrial ties between Europe and the USSA.
As for Ecuador, where I now live and have lived for many years, my lexical scrying indicated that the coming time will be self-denying.
No doubt about it. No doubt at all.
The Bone Lady delivered the memo for all of this to me in 1958, when I was just three years old. She blew my little boy mind wide open. I have not been the same since she showed up, that memorable, Tidewater Virginia spring day in 1958. In light of current events I would not say that she was wrong. Oh, no, she hit the nail square on the head! The Bone Lady is the real deal. She deals the cards right off the top of the deck. What you see is what you get.

There is much more yet to come.
Courage, Dear Readers, we are about to forge straight into the Event Horizon. I promise you that it will not be dull. We’ll see how many people are still alive — and if the planet itself is still here! — when we break through to the other side.
It’s going to be quite something, yes, indeed.