Could we PLEASE clean up the vocabulary?!

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By Carol Asher for RBN 

(Originally published on RBN, August 3, 2015 @ 21:42) 

Young American truth tellers and freedom fighters:  Could we PLEASE clean up the vocabulary?!


The above title should set the tone for what I mean to get at in this article.   I may even be going out on a limb choosing to address the subject, unsure as I am how many people share the deep concerns I have.  But, I guess I’ll just go for it, regardless.

I do have a main, targeted audience in mind for this message (patriots 30 and under, especially), but lacking a means of direct contact is a drawback.  Hopefully, this venue will reach some of them.  I say this because it’s this newer crop of patriot activists who seem to have the greatest need to pepper their speech with vulgarities, even resorting to that most odious of terms, the “f” word.  At times, they make it even worse – – downright sacrilegious, in fact – – by prefacing it with “mother,” a truly most sacred word.  I have to ask:  Can there be any real excuse for this?In writing about this, I don’t mean to take anything at all away from these, our creative and dedicated young enthusiasts.  We can be thankful that at least they are awake, they care, and are contributing something in an attempt to right the very wrong world they live in.  I’m only pleading with them to make their tongues match the pure intent of their work, via the many critically important (usually videotaped) messages they create and send out.

Invariably, a young presenter will conclude some revelatory presentation with an ardent appeal for viewers to “please take this video and  make it go viral.”  Personally, just based on the import of the truth it conveys, I’m already quite likely to share it, and widely, whether asked to do so or not.  But for me, besides the value of the message itself, there’s always one other criterion to assess, that of verbal content.  Sometimes, a taped presentation will make it almost to the end before any expletives show up.  But as soon as they do, for me it’s instant “OOPS – too bad, you lose.  No can do!”  Ready as I might have been to start forwarding immediately, I’m stopped short right there.  I simply cannot and will not knowingly participate in the spread of pitiful, worse-than-worthless verbiage.  In each such instance, I’ll search for any attached contact information that will allow me to share with the presenter some immediate feedback.  Very often there isn’t any, though, and so the best I can do at the time is notify my forwarder friend and request that, if possible, I might be left off the list for any like forwardings in future.

So, you think me some sort of prude?

I’d hope not, but I just think we all need to recognize that common decency has its parameters, and that there are always cultural dignities to be respected, preserved and fostered.  But please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking about harmless expressions like “hell” or “damn.”  Just the really gross ones!  Far and away, I detest most of all that TOTALLY AWFUL “f” word.  Expressing as it does the very lowest of the low, the term makes absolutely no sense in the first place, and has no value whatsoever.  So why can’t we just cut it out and discard it altogether – – all we who (regardless of age or generation) purport to be about the very serious business of reinstating the highest ideals of a nation, one specially designed to be uniquely free, subject only to the divine, natural Law?  I feel like if we can’t, out of respect for decency, control what comes out of our own minds and mouths, then how do we ever hope to muster the power necessary to restrain, command and control those powerful outside forces that seek to subjugate us?

An understandable need to vent sometimes

Whenever one does feel the need to vent frustration (like in rightly denouncing a murderous, false flag-addicted government!), rather than use that horrid “f” word, just substitute a made-up term like “frickin'” or “friggin’, such as I hear some sensitive patriot radio broadcasters doing.  It makes the point every bit as well.  Next, there’s that very crude “s” word.  In place of this, isn’t the word “crap” plenty strong enough?  Another common expression is “S.O.B.”  It really doesn’t have a very nice meaning at all, yet speaking just the initials is certainly easier on the ears – and on the psyche – than using the full phrase.  The same goes for the term “B.S.”, but here, the one word “BULL” says it all, too.  For one more, the term “jackass.”  When used “appropriately,” that one doesn’t bother me – – just so long as the second syllable isn’t ever used to preface a word identifying a part of the human anatomy, if you know what I mean.  One BIG difference there!

Again, my bottom line is this:  As a people and a culture, we need to maintain some CLASS.  And that involves helping to instill the highest possible values in our youth.  Otherwise, if we let our speech habits devolve to the level of the kinds of vulgarities we’re discussing here, just how will we ever be able to restore a sense of purity, honor and integrity to our now fallen Republic?  I, for one, don’t think we ever could.  Degrading habits of speech are so ingrained in a lot of our young people today that I really don’t think they even hear themselves half the time.  How I wish that they (young men, in particular) could just stop and think and ask themselvesCan we even imagine any of the best of America’s Founders resorting to the use of such terms?  Would Jesus ever do it?  Of course not!  Debauchery, vulgarity adds nothing of value to anything, and on the contrary, serves only to weaken and degrade, both the message and the effectiveness of our overall sacred Cause.  So, as we who are products of earlier (perhaps somewhat more respect-full) generations see how a permissive world has influenced especially the younger minds, may we strive to help curb the vulgar by both calling them on it whenever possible, and also by refusing to disseminate all such language ourselves.


If I ruled the world”….(reminiscent of Sammy Davis, Jr.’s wonderful song, doncha know?)

But yes, if I ruled the world, I would demand these same standards for all of our nation’s public ministries – beginning with police and military personnel.  Myself, I’ve always felt attraction for a lot of the uniformed professions.  Take airline pilots, for example.  The elegance and perfection of a dress uniform, is something to see.  Not a wrinkle, nor a hair out of place, and who isn’t impressed by the sight?  My particular point here being:  Would that the thoughts in the minds of our professionals, and the words coming from their mouths would always match the beauty of outer appearances.  Personally, where I find that to be the case, I’m doubly impressed.  But regardless of profession, I think we all must guard against meriting the sort of condemnation Jesus leveled at those whom He likened to “…whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness.”  (Mt. 23:27)

So how about this:  Pursuant to maintaining, societally, the highest standards possible, here’s the kind of stiff language rule I would love to see enforced among police cadets and military recruits:  “The first foul word out of your mouth will bring verbal reprimand; a second incident will be written up in your case file; and for a 3rd infraction, you’re likely to be simply out of here!”  (Later on, I suppose, if a particular candidate were deemed worth the bother, such a one just might be given another chance to somehow redeem him or herself.)  But, if that policy sounds extreme and unrealistic, I think it only goes to show how very “far from the mark” our society in general has fallen……for, indeed, out of each mouth the heart truly does speak.  A pure vocabulary can only enhance respectable living for everyone, and then just think what it might do to improve the overall character and conduct of those who serve us.

Proof that one can control his mouth when and where he has to:

Some months ago I received from Ron Neil’s One Dollar DVD Project Liberty a particular DVD containing about 5 superb truth-telling interview segments presented before various news agency teams. The man being interviewed was (and is) just excellent, being one of the very best commentators in the patriot world today.  Watching the video, I felt only proud of him, admiring each stellar performance.  Right up until, that is, the final presentation on the disk, one that was made in a setting quite different from those prior.  This last was recorded in a meeting hall, somewhere in Australia, before an audience of obvious patriots.  As though speaking more informally here (like among some of his own, I guessed), I could hardly believe the man’s changed demeanor.  The factual information that he shared was as right and true as ever, only now the “f” word punctuated just about every sentence he spoke… least once!  For me it was very disheartening and disappointing to see.  I noted that even with a number of women in the audience, no one seemed to have any problem with the language.  At least there was no indication of that.  I kept hoping one of the ladies might speak up and ask the man to please just cut the vulgarity, but, alas, no one ever did.

One more thing to note here is that this particular speaker was not from my “below 30’s” set, but instead looked to be at least 50.  Anyway, while viewing all of the earlier sections of the video, I had already decided on ordering a good many additional copies to share with people.  Now, though, as it turned out, I just wouldn’t be able to do it – not with the crude language of that final lecture on there!      

Fortunately, with the objectionable segment appearing last on the DVD,  I thought it might be easy enough for Ron to make me some additional copies after simply deleting that final portion.  Accommodating as he always is, Ron did this for me, but also did something more.  In place of the deleted segment, Ron substituted a new presentation wherein this same excellent speaker presented (and dissected sentence by sentence) and commented upon British Prime Minister David Cameron’s advisory speech to the U.N. General Assembly, where he forewarned world leaders of how pre-crime “acts of terror” (i.e., thought “crimes”) must now be pre-defined (and supposedly thus averted) through implementation of their enhanced program of government surveillance of all possible “anti-government”-type, would-be perpetrators.  (Let me tell you, that’s one presentation all need to see!)  But staying on topic here, I just want to point out that our speaker, once again standing before the “proper” cameras and in the “proper,” professional setting, was perfectly able to bring his entire word choice right back to impeccable, not to mention, his delivery as superb as ever.  Wonderfully amazing it was to see, but I surely couldn’t help noting the contrast.

So, what goes here?  What exactly is it that determines the kind of language we choose to use?  Is it decided only according to what we think the FCC will allow us to say while on air, or by what we think certain professional settings require of us?  That’s all fine, but what if, more than this, we were to just talk clean, decent talk all of the time, anywhere and everywhere?  That certainly would keep things simple.  Loosely related to this, I’m reminded of something I know I heard somebody say somewhere once, and maybe you did, too:  A very good way to know a man’s true character is to see what he says and does when he thinks no one is watching.

At any rate, this world certainly doesn’t need any more from the dark side.  Let’s shine pure Light everywhere, in every way we can.

Thank you.
Carol Asher