Off the Beaten Path with Steve Elkins

Sunday:  7-9pm CT

Hosted by:  Stephen Elkins




Over the years we have been forced on to a path of  “Narrow” close-minded thinking. Washington; mainstream media, and powerful corporations have encouraged us to believe the official narrative when they speak.  We are never to ask questions, or point out the irregularities in their official report.   “Off the Beaten Path” is about stepping off that narrow path of focus.   Questioning the official narrative.  Re-establishing our critical thinking skills, and being able to discern the truth from disinformation, deception, and outright lies.  We must analyze the evidence for validity, and to assure it supports the “TRUTH”.  If it does not, then we are correct to label the statement as a “FALLACY”.

The days of Edward R. Murrow investigative journalism are long gone, and are unlikely to return.  It is up to us as individuals to search for the truth among all the FAKE news we are surrounded by.   Once we learn the truth, it is essential that we share that knowledge with others.  A lack of knowledge equates to a loss of freedom.  An educated man can not be taken advantage of.

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