In Defense of Humanity with Ingri Cassel and Al Whitney starts this Saturday 5/31/14

May 28, 2014 in RBN Updates by The Manimal

In Defense of Humanity with Ingri Cassel and Al Whitney starts this Saturday 5/31/14!

Airs: Saturday 8pm-9pm CST

Call-in Number: 800-313-9443

This radio show In Defense of Humanity is about helping people re-awaken to the wondrous and endearing qualities of our own species while understanding that the current corporate legal-structure, that both government and business is built upon, plans to take control of most organic life forms on our planet.

The federal government became a corporation when Congress passed the Act of 1871. The government-corporation has been growing ever since. The number one goal of all corporations is profit. Preserving and nurturing life are anathema to the corporate model of business.

“Corporate governments are a usurpation of the organic American Constitution …. ”
From retired Judge Dale’s book, The Great American Adventure – Judge Says USA INC is Just a Corporate Franchise Network

To restore our government to its proper role will require the people to understand what has happened and how to empower themselves as living men and women. Dead legal-fictions known as Corporations CANNOT be allowed to control our country or our planet. CORPORATIONS are not real; they are merely fictions on a piece of paper. People have to wake up to this reality and put an end to this travesty. The show will explore the development of other business models that support life on our planet.

To understand the importance of this show and why we must act now, see what NASA INC and other industrial-military corporations have in mind for our future: NASA’s 2001 power point: The Future of War and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Humanity must understand the we are under attack and it is time to start enthusiastically defending ourselves.

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