Rebel Mad Man Radio w/ Mike Gaddy

SHOW TIME: Saturday, 3-6pm CT



Teaching platform is found on Telegram titled “Teach Me True History.” Live class every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern.


The Host: Career in the Intelligence field.
Founder of Bill of Rights Arkansas
Former Vice President of the American Foundation for Accountability of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.
Student, teacher and public speaker on the subject of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and America’s Founding Era for 3 decades.


The Show: Basing decisions on false information has been a death knell for Rightful Liberty in this country. For well over a century we have been taught a continuing tale of falsehoods about two critical eras in our history; the Founding Era and the misnamed Civil War. To understand the truth of these two critical times is to understand how we are currently living under a tyrannical, despotic government which is controlled by sociopaths at best and psychopaths at the very worst. Join us as we “cut to the heart of the truth” using source documents as our basis.

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