Bob Tuskin welcomes David Duke to his broadcast Thursday night!

David Duke will be a guest on the Bob Tuskin Show Thursday 11.12.15 at 8pm CST be sure to tune in!

Assaulted by Transexual AIDS Fanatics: Tuskin Positive HIV is a Fraud

Bob Tuskin attempts to present the truth about AIDS to a local HIV activist. He is then assaulted and accosted, despite remaining calm and logically presenting research. Please research the
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FREE YOUR MIND CONFERENCE 2015 A Conference On Consciousness, Mind Control & The Occult | Philadelphia, PA APRIL 10, 11, 12 Tickets Now Available!!

Source: Free Your Mind Conference 2015   FYM Conference Schedule   Friday, April 10th 2:55-4:00 PM – TBA 4:00-4:55 PM – TBA 5:00-5:55 PM – TBA 6:00-7:25 PM – Break 7:30-8:25
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Fugitive banker had marijuana growing operation in rental home

Source: Bob Tuskin As I reported yesterday, a fugitive banker who staged his death was  arrested after he was pulled over for having window tint that was too dark.  Now
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Bob Tuskin: Noam Chomsky Has No Opinion on Building 7

Source: Bob Tuskin Youtube Channel Bob Tuskin questions Noam Chomsky about 9/11. His shocking response and position over the years on 9/11 has baffled many. He invited AE 9/11 truth
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The Bob Tuskin Show w/ Bob Tuskin moves to Monday-Friday

The Bob Tuskin Show w/ Bob Tuskin moves to Monday-Friday starting 09/02/2013 | The Bob Tuskin Show is a solution oriented collaborative effort featuring a team of independent journalists from around the world, led and directed by Bob Tuskin, who himself is a talk radio veteran and vocal activist…

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