Obama Requests Drone Surge for U.S.-Mexico Border

Source: Defense One President Barack Obama today requested $39 million for aerial surveillance, including unmanned aircraft operations, as part of an effort to systemically take care of what he called
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“Skunk” drone fires pepper spray bullets at protestors

Protestors and rioters may now have to worry about more than just police on foot, thanks to the “Skunk.” An aerial drone manufactured by South African company Desert Wolf, the
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San Francisco hotel launches champagne delivering drone

A San Francisco hotel is using a drone to deliver champagne and other luxury items to its top-tier guests. For now, the new amenity is reserved for those staying in
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First commercial drones authorized to fly over US

The Federal Aviation Administration granted permission Tuesday for the first commercial drone to fly over American soil. British Petroleum will fly the “Puma,” developed by AeroVironment, over the Prudhoe Bay
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F-16 Drone

F-16 DRONE Not a good day for the future of manned aircraft. The pilot is on the endangered list it seems. This little 4 minute Boeing video is really something….
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Alert! Video the Military Does NOT Want You To See! Drone Footage of IED Explosion!

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