That Was Quick! How The Fed Ravaged The Main Street Housing Market, Again

Source: Lew Rockwell Now that the $5k suits are riding out of town on their John Deere lawnmowers, the “flash” boom in housing prices during the past 20 months is
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David Stockman: The Born Again Jobs Scam, Part 2: The Fed’s Labor Market Delusion

Source: Zero Hedge Dr.Yellen is at it again. Noting that there is still “slack” in the labor market, she insists that more liquidity pumping action by the Fed is warranted: “Based on the
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Bubbleberg News LP: Why We Are Plagued With Drivel Masquerading As Financial Reporting

Source: Lew Rockwell One of the evils of massive over-financialization is that it enables Wall Street to scalp vast “rents” from the Main Street economy. These zero sum extractions not only bloat the
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