RIGGED: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.

  via: Government Slaves Samuel Talavera Jr. did everything his bosses asked. Most days, the trucker would drive more than 16 hours straight hauling LG dishwashers and Kumho tires to
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Beware Of Trump Tolls: Pundits Praise Trump’s $1 Trillion Dollar ‘Public-Private Partnership’ Infrastrcture Repair Plan; Involves Tolls, User-Fees On America’s Highways

  Source: LibertyFight.com | By By Martin Hill A lot of people are discussing how Trump’s infrastructure plan will take shape and most importantly, how it will be paid for. In the following
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Hungarian Truck Driver Confronts Migrant Hordes – Road To Hell, Calais, France

LiveLeak | By: smokey88 | Nov-27-2015 VIDEO: Hungarian Driver’s dashboard camera records what happens to drivers on the road, immigrants riot on the main road. At one point, he charges toward the side
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