Beware Of Trump Tolls: Pundits Praise Trump’s $1 Trillion Dollar ‘Public-Private Partnership’ Infrastrcture Repair Plan; Involves Tolls, User-Fees On America’s Highways

November 23, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Source: | By By Martin Hill


A lot of people are discussing how Trump’s infrastructure plan will take shape and most importantly, how it will be paid for.

In the following video, Bob Poole, Searle Freedom Trust Fellow and the Director of Transportation Policy at the Reason Foundation, discusses President-elect Trump’s proposed one trillion dollar infrastructure repair plan.

Poole notes that this will likely involve public-private partnerships and that the work will likely be paid for through tolls and user fees. He thinks this is a great idea.

Notably, when asked if this would replace the fuel tax, which is supposed to be used to pay for road maintenance and repair, he replies “NO,” that would be too “radical” for Congress to approve.

The pundits at ‘Reason’ may think that tolls are a good idea, but they don’t have much credibility. Recall that Pseudo-Libertarian REASON magazine also called Jenny McCarthy an ‘ENEMY OF FREEDOM’ for daring to question vaccines [Also on and .]

Trump advisers Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross released a ten-page white paper last month outlining the details of Trump’s infrastructure revenue plan.

So essentially drivers are going to be charged and taxed out the ass to drive on roads which we have already paid for and which the fuel tax is supposed to be allotted for. As a small business owner in the transportation industry, I highly oppose such a plan. It would be a giant tax increase, disastrous to the very working man and small business owners who Trump appealed to during his campaign. has reported extensively on this issue in the past, several GOP and Democrat Congress members have called for a user fee system (tolls) in addition to retaining and increasing the fuel tax charges we pay each time we fill up our tanks. [See also CEO, Skull & Bones Member, Urges Obama to Pass a 15-Cent-Per-Mile Fuel Tax Hike.]

In Los Angeles, they have already begun turning freeways which we paid for into toll roads while continuing to charge us the fuel tax for maintenance of those very roads!! [See my 2012 article Carpool lanes in Los Angeles turned into toll roads: State takes federal cash and fleeces motorists, also featured on a and .]

They want to harm the working man and fleece us with fees while they continue to give literally trillions to foreign countries like Israel. Furthermore, these bastards never seem to care about the TRILLIONS of dollars which continuously disappear from the Pentagon budget. They don’t even hold hearings on it!

Yes, our government is comprised of dishonest criminals. I don’t agree with a plan that would fleece Americans with tolls and yet not get rid of the fuel tax.

Watch the video here:

Reason reports:

“What we know [about Trump] so far is that he talked a lot about crumbling infrastructure and the need to make America’s infrastructure great again,” says Bob Poole, Searle Freedom Trust Fellow and the Director of Transportation Policy at the Reason Foundation. “This suggests a big new emphasis on some kind of federal transportation program.” Poole sat down with Nick Gillespie to discuss the transportation policies likely to be introduced in the new Trump administration and reasons for libertarians to feel hopeful when it comes to the president-elect’s infrastructure plan. “I’m encouraged by what I see,” says Poole, who cites the involvement of Shirley Ybarra, a former Reason Foundation fellow and Secretary of Transportation in the state of Virginia, as a sign that Trump will look to public private partnerships as part of his transportation strategy. During the campaign, Trump proposed a transportation plan that would cost at least $500 billion dollars, but has been vague as to how the program would be financed.

There is a very good detailed write up on this plan bere, by City Observatory: Your guide to the debate over the Trump Infrastructure Plan

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