The Last Betrayal

November 23, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


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From the latest statement from the Trump Transition team that Trump might be able to deal on the idea of Global Warming, there is a lack of will to fight the war and it is a war. We are engaged in a social civil war as important and as deadly as any civil war. For the past hundred years or more the collectivists have been engaged in a war against the American culture largely ignored by the culture itself. It is analogous to the Islamist jihadists who had carried on a war against America for decades before the towers came down.


The collectivists have infiltrated the schools, news organizations, universities, labor unions, local, state and federal governments. Many in the political establishment on both sides have been infiltrated. The fact that so many Republicans have been seduced to the collectivist agenda is a large part of why Donald Trump was elected. This was a result of the great awakening of Middle America, who after the economic meltdown, began to see that the government that was supposed to be defending their interests were, in fact, acting against their interests.

The first evidence of this awakening was the Tea Party movement that swept the nation in response to the massive banking bailouts. While average citizens saw their jobs disappear and their homes repossessed, the bankers were getting huge bonuses granted to them with taxpayer money used to bail them out. It was not in response to the election of Barack Obama as the news continually reported. That is not to say that some of Barack Obama’s policies didn’t aggravate and inspire this movement to new heights, but it did not start the movement. That was fake news propaganda designed to make the Tea Party appear to be racist (the same obnoxious claim the collectivists use at every turn).

Barack Obama represented the collectivists in ways they had never been represented before, in an open and aggressive manner, continually pushing the divisive policies between the individualist instinct and collectivist ideology. After eight years of implementing the collectivist agenda, with little or no opposition from the Republican Party, the whole spectrum of the collectivists from socialists to Marxists had been emboldened enough to wave the Soviet flag at the Democratic National Convention.

Also, during the same eight years Middle America had been fighting back in the only way they could, electing more and more Republicans to the House and Senate until they had control of both houses, but these Republican collectivists did not have the political will to follow through on their promises. Instead, those same Republicans elected to do that job and that job alone turned around after the 2014 election and told their supporters that they would not engage the president on the issues important to their constituents.

In a rejection of the Republican Party itself, the citizens of Middle America chose the presidential candidate most unlike the GOP without being a Democrat: Donald Trump. After a lawless and corrupt Obama Administration that ignored immigration law, imported jihadists, protected criminal activity and obstructed justice, Middle America chose the one candidate that promised to enforce immigration law, stop the influx of Syrian refugees that had been infiltrated by Jihadists and bring law and order back to the Attorney General’s office.

Trump’s campaign offered a ray of hope to an ignored public. The campaign, because it spoke for those long forgotten and defamed, was attacked by the collectivists to a degree that their bias was exposed. Though evidence of their bias had been obvious to those who were paying attention during the Obama Administration, it became glaring during the campaign to install Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. The collectivists needed Hillary to win bad enough that they dropped the pretense of being impartial reporters of the news and became aggressive propagandists. When Donald Trump won the election, they felt the promise of the collectivist state slip through their fingers and they lost any sense of objectivity.

The actions of the media; the shock, dismay and even tears was the best thing that could have happened. It was the 9/11 moment for those in Middle America. The protests against Trump, financed by George Soros, the main financial clout behind the collectivist movement, only reinforced the sudden realization of Middle America.

The collectivist reaction to Trump’s election, because his is not one of the typical Republican establishment’s lap dogs, has been volcanic, even if it is orchestrated and financed. It is a sign that the collectivists, even in the Republican Party, are afraid. But, they have two months to get to him and turn him around. They will spend a lot of time trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to follow through on his promises (they didn’t), but just like their prognostications about his demise during the election, they will be wrong. Donald Trump is the last hope for a peaceful transition away from collectivism for the mass of Middle America.

It is important for Mr. Trump to understand that this is a war. It might be a cold war at this point, but like the Cuban Missile Crisis, it could go nuclear at any moment. Middle America has spent eight years trying to work the political process to their advantage and have been outmaneuvered at every turn, by a corrupt administration willing to do anything to keep the views of Middle America out of the political process. But one might only thwart the intentions of the people so long before open rebellion is the only solution. Middle America will not be able to withstand another betrayal.


Trump must understand that he has the future of this nation in his hands. Now that the collectivists have threatened to secede from the union and Middle America is in a mood to do the same, it is a very tenuous path he treads. If he can be convinced that the only way to save the union is to side with the collectivists, he will destroy it. Perhaps there is no peaceful solution at this point, but if there is, it is only in backing the collectivists down and calling their bluff. It is not betraying the public once again, because that would prove to the many law-abiding, believers in the republic that there is no diplomatic solution and the last act of diplomacy is war.

The one thing that is known about the collectivists is that they will never give up. Death threats to Presidential Electors is just another means of prosecuting their war. Trump was hired to fight back.