4 thoughts on “The 5th Dimension w/ Captain Fred

  1. Fred C. says:

    If you have the necessary 1+ brain cell(s), what is the only enemy and problem and its only eternal, pain-free solution, Fred?

    Hint: Eccl 4:2,3,12 by 2 Peter 3:10 for Rev 14:13 🙂

  2. Geri says:

    Hey Captfred, Mitzie here from RR. Nice to see you here! Enjoying your show today ;))

  3. Bob Barton says:

    Hi there Capt Fred. This is Bob from Colorado. Talked with you today, and would like to contact you sometime. Live here in one of the biggest pot shops I think in CO. Trinidad. Do you know a guy Mark Call? Hope to have a chat sometime! Bob

  4. Paul Biener says:

    Great show Fred, I love the health and happiness angle of your program. I also appreciate the commercial breaks so I can feed the cat, make coffee etc. without missing anything. Keep up the good work!!

    Paul in NY

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