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The Hosts:

Hello, my name is V. I am the host of several TV shows on The Liberty Beacon Television Network which is underneath The Liberty Beacon Media Project (TLBTV).

“THE RED PILL HARDCORE” TV Show (which is a show that exposes psychological warfare operations and social engineering), “TARGETED” TV Show (which is a show dedicated to “Targeted Individual” guests to tell their stories), and “FAMILY CASE FILES” TV Show (which is a show where victims of the fraudulent family court system can get legal advice from our legal counsel) are the titles that have been and are currently running that are produced by Anthony Thomas who is the owner of The Truth Pharmacy Productions and Executive Producer.

Of these shows of THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show was formerly THE RED PILL HARDCORE radio show which started at the small community radio station named KROV 91.1 located in Oroville California 4 years ago. The Show spread to syndication to the other 2 radio stations in the small town and was also picked up by which is run/owned by Matt Connerton who is the host of “Matt Connerton Live”.

Currently THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show is being rebroadcast as a radio show by Ipmnation and Truth Cat Radio at

I have done many guest spots on other shows in independent media and even train others to do media. I am the leader or intelligence officer in many civilian militia and a staunch constitutionalist. It has been my goal to get to as many media outlets so that I can to spread my message of resistance of tyranny to the people that are being oppressed.


Robert M. Deutsch

He is a poet who is one with nature.

He is an author who dedicates himself to protect our planet.
Robert believes in the power of words and in humanity.

He travels the world to make people aware about how nature is being toxified.

He writes to make a difference and to make a better world for all life on our planet.
Robert invites us to oneness, love, unity, integrity and peace with his poems.

His philosophy is that through awareness of mother nature and the need of us all to become symbiotic, so we can become one with all life in the universe.
Robert detests war and violence in any form.

He believes that we all can change the world for the betterment of all life.

He is the voice of nature.

His love for nature and our planet is a never ending, pure love.

He is a poet who is fully aware of the “existential unity of being”.

He loves to make people laugh and smile as happiness raises us all up from the downtrodden life many feel we live.

Often he will tell people:
“Live life fully and share laughter when you can and if your feeling sad put a piece of chocolate in your mouth as life isn’t all that bad if you are eating chocolate.”

For Robert M. Deutsch, the cause of all existence is love.
Love and oneness are the cause and purpose of life on Earth.


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The Truth Pharmacy Productions Studio



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