The Rural Survival Show with Tim & Laurie Spencer and Rik Schmidt

Show Time:
Sat. 10am-12pm CST 

Call-in Number:
(Toll-Free: 800-313-9443)





The Rural Survival Show with Tim & Laurie Spencer focuses on every day rural life in the United States. Items such as farm hacks, politics, religion, agricultural emergency preparedness, market prices and trends, legislation and regulations that may or does currently have an impact on rural residents and a myriad of other topics. The Rural Survival Show is a natural follow-on to the website.


Tim Spencer is a veteran of the United States Submarine Forces, Atlantic, a Rancher/Farmer, the husband of the lovely Laurie Spencer for the past thirty-six years, a dedicated Father of three and proud Grandfather of eight.  Laurie Spencer is a former EMT and Firefighter, as well as a water survival instructor for the Department of Defense.  As the family matriarch, she helps to manage the farm and the horses.

Tim is also a 100% disabled veteran due to combat related injuries; this however, does not slow down his thought processes. Tim is by profession a Geo-political analyst; Tim and Laurie both gave up government work for the enjoyment and leisure of operating the family farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. Tim and Laurie have been quite active in Native American community affairs and general community service for the past 20+ years.  Tim and Laurie have owned, operated and lived upon Morning Mist Farm in rural Dent County, Missouri since December, 1990.

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