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 The What Really Happened radio show is an adjunct to the whatreallyhappened.com website.

The show broadcasts from Oahu, Hawaii Santa Claus, Indiana through the Republic Broadcasting Network.

The show and website are non-partisan and chastise the lying and corrupt of all political parties with equal enthusiasm!

What Really Happened is opposed to war as a presumed fix for the struggling US economy, and also takes an occasional look at issues of science and health being distorted in the quest for profits.


Michael Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of  whatreallyhappened.com, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.”

Michael Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Michael Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism.

Michael Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster. Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations.

Michael Rivero currently resides in Hawaii Santa Claus, Indiana, with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

24 thoughts on “What Really Happened with Michael Rivero

  1. Hope you have something to say about what really happened in Maui.

  2. John says:

    Hi Mike,
    You’ve only been gone a few days and already I miss you and downloading of your podcasts.

    I hope that you have a change of heart and return.
    Best Wishes for you & Claire.

  3. Charlie in Fl. says:

    It appears he was apprehended trying to cross borders. https://www.rt.com/russia/580721-gonzalo-lira-missing-ukraine/

  4. John says:

    He is a great host and I’ll miss him a lot, and Tom’s phone calls – hopefully he’ll be back

  5. Brent Bielema says:

    God bless you and Claire for all the wonderful work you do! Sad to hear it was your last show today but I’ve enjoyed your vital broadcasts since the GCN days. You said that you once worked for Robert Abel — is that the eye doctor? I have his ‘Eye Care Revolution’ book which is excellent. On the space front, we have a couple local astronauts from this area (Clinton Iowa) like Dale Gardner (Savanna-Sabula bridge named after him) and Pinky Nelson. I think Clinton has a museum with some of their artifacts. Anyway, looking forward to more great things from you and Claire (LOVE her music) so, like Patrick McGoohan said — “Be seeing you!”

  6. Cinderella says:

    Recently I went to a lecture here in NYC at the School of Visual Arts given by a gay man, professor, PhD at Bard College, a liberal arts college in upstate NY. Both he and the man who sponsored him were Jewish and gay. He focused on a painting titled Baby Makes Three, a take-off on the old song My Blue Heaven. The whole thing was shocking. This professor doctor is a writer of books and contributes to various art magazines, such as October, a magazine of “art theory and criticism.” Its name is derived from the October revolution, the Bolshevik victory and takeover of Russia. It’s published by MIT Press.
    I remember your once saying that your father taught at MIT, the alma mater of Netanyahu, PM of Soviet Israel. You worked for NASA and then Hollywood. I’m just wondering what your lineage is. What kind of name is Rivero? Are you sure you’re not of Russian Jewish descent? Is Rivero your real name, or an assumed name? The reason I ask is it’s clear to me that you are a traitor, and I’m sure you have always been. It’s just that now you’re coming out of the closet, with your constant criticism of this country and support of Putin and Russia. Putin is a hero, and the US is finally coming down, which according to you is only right and necessary, the only way neo-Soviet Russia can tikkun olam the world.
    You are a liar and a traitor. How very sad. RBN has been captured too.

    • Rivero is a Sephardic Jewish name, although I am not Jewish. My father’s ancestry traces back to the Roman occupation of Judea, then over to Span, then to Portugal in the 1490s, then to the newly opened Orient, specifically Shanghai, until the start of WW2 when my father came to the US to study at MIT.

      • Andrea Swan says:

        You say you were a child actor. I assume you were in Hollywood. What TV programs or movies did you act in?

      • DDDDDuane says:

        Michael is BSing here…No one could trace their ancestry back 2000 years…How about Ancestry DNA results…

    • DDDDDuane says:

      He stated he isn’t a jew but his last name is a marrano last name so he thinks he MAY be a jew….

  7. Jim says:

    How about looking into the other presidents garages also!!! For documents

  8. Tiko says:

    Greetings Mr. River,
    I listened to your show a few days ag
    o and you mentioned a couple of sites
    for some good videos. You were sharing,the same
    with a guest over the phone.
    Could you be of help emailing me the two sites.

    Thank you very much.
    Much appreciated,

  9. Michael Rivero like most intelligent people equivocate in a vain attempt to avoid being hoisted on their own petard.

    Those who have heard equivocators (him) do so know he (they) are rank cowards that cop out with the “they’re not all like that” retort when people have come to understand the presence of the Jews and the Negro race have undermined so many nations throughout history that it has become a crime against humanity.

    That in fact is what they and their sycophants like Michael Rivero go after first: the most significant human right of all being the right to say no.

    He (they) do so in that vain and shallow attempt to present themselves as fair and just persons when in fact he (they) are simply fence sitters trying their best not to get slivers on their ass.

    They can be pitied for their cowardice but one should never make the mistake of trusting them as they will betray anybody and everybody if and when cornered by the very Jews or Negroes they foolishly believe stand with them as there are in fact “good ones” so to speak however they demure to the others of their kind whenever the stakes are high.

    This is how its been throughout all of history is it not so?

    • David James says:

      Truth Bomb. Rivero I have tracked for 20 years, and he lies like we breathe. Years ago, on different sites, several of us used to call out his lies, providing evidence contradicting his claims. On those sites, he then pitches a fit, pulls his J “Victim Card”, then either get you dropped, or he quits and walks away.
      He got FIRED from NASA for both Incompetance, and for Sexually Harassing the Secretaries there, to the point THEY threatened to quit. Several Discliplinary Write-Ups later, he continued his deviant behavior, and they Fired him, under a strict NDA. ( part of his NASA work, was HIDING photos from Apollo, NASA wanted hidden from the Public.)

  10. Rob says:

    Ive watched the copper to zinc ratio for the last 10 years
    And copper pennies are disappearing at an alarming rate!
    They are stealing the people’s copper right in front of
    Us all, and laughing at us all the way to the banks!
    National change shortage?? No,just another lie.

  11. Rob says:

    There is NOT a national change shortage!
    They are simply taking our copper pennies and
    Melting them down.its the people’s copper
    Same as the gold! Only now it’s copper.
    Go to home Depot and see how high copperis,
    Electrical wire, copper tubing for plumbing,

  12. Kathryn Barbour says:

    Is there no longer a phone line to call in and listen to RBN live? I have an Android phone now, used to love listening on Apple podcast. But my other phone, a Jitterbug lively, gets good reception here. I hope it (phone line) still works and I can tune back in.

  13. Giacobo Wahlboghter says:

    The founding of the secular State of Israel was merely a first step in a continuum which will ultimately culminate in the Jewish Theocratic Kingdom of Israel. He who fails to come to grips with this is destined for frustration and disappointment. There is NO god BUT the God of Israel. He gathers in His people and laughs at the nations of the world.
    Giacobo Wahlboghter
    Brooklyn NY

  14. Giacobo Wahlboghter says:

    Can anti-semitism have beneficial effects for the Jewish people?
    We’re not talking about victimhood here. But get this: The talmudic tractate Megillah tells us that when Achashveros, the king of the Persian empire took off his ring and handed it over to Haman, the arch enemy of the Jews, symbolizing his agreement to initiate the murder of every Jew in his 137 state empire, it inspired the contrite and sincere repentance of the Jewish people– more so than the rebuke of all of the Hebrew prophets combined. And the evil decree was subsequently averted.

  15. jason rhea says:

    Hey Mike can you be a little bit more Accepting of criticism about Jewish power in this country and throughout the Western world I know you’re a Boomer just like most of the listeners. And you get uncomfortable when the JQ comes up. I enjoy your show and thank you for your service putting the truth out.

  16. Giacobo Wahlboghter says:

    Scripture tells us plainly that when Abraham brought Isaac to the top of Mount Moriah with the intention of following God’s command to sacrifice him, he had his servant Eliezer and his son Ishmael stay behind with the donkey.
    Today’s Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha totally and shamelessly flips the script and brazenly claims that it was Ishmael who was brought to the top of the mountain and Isaac who stayed behind. This is emblematic of the entire Moslem religion. Please be aware of this when you hear news reporters and commentators gush about the “holy Islamic holiday”.

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