Is the US Preparing to Launch a Nuclear Attack Against Russia and China?

June 8, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges, Paul Craig Roberts by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

nuclear bomb

It is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts assertion that the United States believes that it can win a nuclear war against both China and Russia.  Really, Dr. Roberts, China AND Russia? When I read the Roberts’ article, I was admittedly ans initially skeptical. However, as I researched his assertions, I firmly believe Dr. Roberts is correct and some of the justification for his beliefs are outside the scope of his article.

Dr. Roberts Hypothesis.

Dr. Roberts notes that the United States has changed its nuclear strategy to one consisting of a first strike upon Russia. Following the first strike, America will deploy an army of Anti-ballistic missiles (ABM’s) which are designed to intercept and destroy the incoming Russian and Chinese based ICBM’s.

Dr. Roberts states that the Russians understand that the change in U.S. nuclear war strategy and existence of the ABM bases on its borders are directed at what’s left of the Russia ICBM missiles following a first strike. It turns out the Dr. Roberts is completely correct in that the Russians know what is coming.

Pravda Foretells An American Attack Upon Russia

In the Russian publication, Pravada, the Russians media has recently asserted that the U.S. is engaging in proto-warfare against Russia and China on a number of fronts.

Proto-warfare is characterized by the use of coercive methods which are designed to weaken an adversary prior to attacking the enemy. The proto-war strategies include “threats against the targeted country, economic sanctions; military encirclement around its borders. cyber-warfare, drone warfare, and use of proxy forces from within or from outside the country for political and/or military action against the local government”. Presently, the United States has engaged in all of these strategies against Russia and Ukraine.

Further, proto-wars also consist of propaganda campaigns against the targeted countries. Pravada points to the fact that the America media campaigns are unusually effective because they are waged by the five giant media conglomerates which now control 90% of the U.S. media and these media conglomerates are directly  linked to the U.S. foreign-policy establishment in the Council of Foreign Relations. In other words, the bulk of the American citizens are being prepared to accept war with Russia and China. It is clear that the official news publication of the Russian government agrees with Dr. Roberts assertion.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine

According to the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which was constructed in 1992, the United States “must sufficiently account for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order.”

Further, the doctrine states that “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

I have written about this fact repeatedly with regard to the importance of Ukraine. If Russia gains control of Ukraine, Putin will effectively control Europe’s energy needs as two-thirds of the gas shipped into Europe flows through Ukraine. If Russia gains control of Ukraine, they will effectively control the economies of Europe and NATO will be irreparably damaged. This would put the Russian military on an even par with the United States and the tenets of the Wolfkowitz Doctrine cannot permit the re-establishment of the old Soviet Union to a level where its reacquisition of super-power status could challenge the United States. Before Putin is allowed to occupy Ukraine, the United States will launch a nuclear first strike against the Russians, and because the Russians are now closely aligned with the Chinese, a first strike against China will also be necessary.

The Bilderberg Group

Bilderberg expert, Daniel Estulin, is claiming that the Bilderbergs are interested in breaking up the alliance between China, Russia and Iran. According to Estulin, this unholy alliance is threatening Western domination of the planet. Estulin believes that this alliance will not be allowed to stand and Bilderberg interests will take action. This makes the possiblity of WW III is becoming very likely. Daniel is appearing on my talk show on June 22nd and I will question him more about this . However, and for now, Estulin remains concerned that the Bilderberg is determined to break up the re-emergence of the former Soviet empire and the dramatic increase of Chinese influence and power.

Continuity of Government

Recent actions within several agencies of the federal government would point to the fact that government is preparing for something very big and on the order of what Dr. Roberts is predicting.

There are several agencies and departments within the government that are presently going through a major reorganization, a redundancy of function and in some cases, a partial geographic relocation.

For years, the CIA has been relocating many of  its operations to Denver International Airport (underground). This is not newsworthy in the sense that this does not represent a recent development which would be emblematic of a major shift in recent domestic or foreign policy. However, when considered within the context of what is happening in other agencies or departments, this move mostly likely represents the kickoff of a long range plan on the part of the agency to survive a devastating attack upon Langley.

The FBI is presently relocating a number of agents and related personnel from Washington D.C. to the near empty federal building in Phoenix and also to Las Vegas and Houston. In at least two cases that I have been made aware of, there is a complete redundancy of Bureau duties and functions within these relocations. With all due seriousness, I have also been told that many important hard-copy records are being placed within mini-Faraday cages designed to survive and EMP attack. Stop and think for a moment, what weapon is known for generating an EMP? Why that would be a nuclear weapon.

The State Department is presently undergoing a massive purge on multiple fronts. First, many of the independent contractors are being let go. Why? Independent contractors make wonderful whistle blowers because their careers are not necessarily invested in the long-term integrity and public appearance of the State Department . Second, many State Department functions are being geographically moved and there are also the many redundancies of functionality appearing within the State Department. For example, cubicles which formerly housed 20 employees per office, now house 40 employees. It is a commonly known fact that many workers at the State Department are disgruntled because the overcrowded working conditions have resulted in employees having to share duties and even computers with their new coworkers. This represents a clear effort to duplicate personnel functions across a wide geographic spectrum as many State Department employees have been told that they are being geographically relocated. And the relocation is so hurried, that higher ups do not have answers for their subordinates about the budgeting for the relocations.  Many of the new workers hired by the State Department are NEW independent contractors, thus making it easier to compartmentalize intelligence information. In an unrelated matter, there is a major purge going on within the State Department with regard to Benghazi necessitated by the new rash of Congressional investigations on Ambassador Steven’s gun running to al-Qaeda for the purposes or facilitating regime change in Libya and Syria and funding these operations with drug running and using profits derived from child sex trafficking. It is safe to say that the State Department is absolute chaos.

In the final analysis, when a government agency or department begins to spread out its assets and begins to duplicate functions, to the detriment of their already strained budgets, these moves can only be attributed to one goal: The Continuity of Government. What is the Continuity of Government? It is a long-term evolutionary plan devised by the U.S. government to survive a nuclear attack. As Ray Charles could see, the dots are beginning to connect.


DHS and the NSA are experiencing some similar personnel moves as well. And let’s not forget that the every federal agency, ranging from the National Weather Service to the USDA to DHS are arming to the teeth. Why? I can only conclude that they are preparing to fight the American people because we can safely bet that the National Weather Service and the EPA are not going to be invading Ukraine. Clearly, the federal government is preparing to survive something very big.

It has long been my belief that WW III will be preceded by a brutal martial law designed to control the people. Martial law will be precipitated by a false flag event which will be used to justify martial law. And one can safely bet that a new false flag event will be one of massive proportions (e.g. EMP attack) because the public is much wiser to the use false flag attacks than we were on 9/11.

Our national leaders believe they can win a nuclear war against China and Russia by attacking first, using nuclear submarines which are hard to detect and counter and then by deploying ABM’s to knock down the Chinese and Russian counter response.

Can anyone really win a nuclear war?

Dr. Roberts raises the question as to whether anyone can really can expect to win a nuclear war with such consequences as nuclear winter, the radiating of much of the world’s water table and the poisoning of livestock and crops. In a nuclear winter, the sun would be so thoroughly blocked out that nothing would grow and mass famine would result. I agree with Dr. Roberts, there are no national winners in a nuclear war.

Please allow me to put on my speculation hat. Could this emerging scenario explain the existence of elite seed vaults, massive underground corridors and bases and the step up of transhumanism experiments? During Operation Mountain Guardian, in 2011, the elite descended upon Denver International Airport, whose flight operations had been suspended, and the elite disappeared for three days. Was this the dress rehearsal? Is this entire scenario a massive depopulation event in the making while the elite are hiding out underground? Will this be the ultimate period of the transhumanism conversion of our species that Steve Quayle wrote about in Xenogenesis?  Are you prepared?