JFK, RFK, & MLK Were All Killed By the Same Forces

November 18, 2013 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

The murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all orchestrated by the same group. How can I be sure? I can be sure by a simple preponderance of circumstantial evidence which overwhelmingly connects the three most important and horrific assassinations in the 20th century.

The Vietnam War

More than 58,000 soldiers died in Vietnam.

More than 58,000 soldiers died in Vietnam as well as a few good men who tried to make a difference for the American people.

All three men shared a similar goal of not becoming more deeply involved in the Vietnam War and they paid for it with their lives.  John F. Kennedy sought to avoid the Vietnam War because he saw it as a military quagmire that would burn American resources, needlessly waste American lives and would ultimately hurt his legacy as a president who oversaw an unwinnable war.

Robert Kennedy was still reeling from his older brother’s assassination for which the Vietnam War was a major factor which motivated the co-conspirators. RFK was determined to end the war in Vietnam. Robert also posed the threat of being able to reopen his brother’s murder and Allan Dulles, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush and David Rockefeller had a lot to worry about if that were ever to happen. RFK had to be stopped with regard to his quest for the Presidency.

As Robert Kennedy sought the Democratic nomination for the 1968 presidential race, we should take note of the fact that most of his supporters were in their early to mid 20′s which comprised the demographics of people most vehemently opposed to the Vietnam War. Therefore, Robert F. Kennedy had a motive to withdraw the forces from Vietnam for political reasons.

At the beginning of the 1968 Democratic campaign season, most people didn’t give Robert Kennedy a snowballs chance in hell of securing the nomination from his party. However, his early stunning upset victories caused great alarm among the establishment elite. One of the stories that floated among intelligence operatives who have spoken out was that Robert Kennedy was told not to go to California and participate in the Democratic primary. He was clearly told to withdraw from the race or he would be killed. Reportedly, Robert Kennedy scoffed at the threats clearly thinking that the establishment elite would not be able to get away with assassinating two different Kennedy’s in less than five years. Allegedly, Martin Luther King was killed, in part, at the height of the civil rights movement, in order to provide Robert Kennedy with a high-profile warning that nobody was beyond the reach of the elite establishment. Dr. King’s assassination did not sway Robert Kennedy from his political ambitions and he ultimately paid the ultimate price for ignoring the warning.

Martin Luther King was a threat to the establishment elite, not simply because he was having a revolutionary civil rights movement and was succeeding, he was also opposed to the Vietnam War. King’s objection to the Vietnam War was not based so much on geopolitical reasons, but rather on issues of racial equality.

At a time in our country’s history when we still had a military draft, a disproportionate number of black males, particularly in the South, were being drafted in lieu of white males. And King was also opposed to the disproportionate number of black soldiers who were being sent to Vietnam.  King’s objections to the Vietnam War were dangerous to the establishment. King drew the attention of J. Edgar Hoover and was illegally spied upon by the FBI. And if you want a reason to dislike J. Edgar Hoover any more, Hoover removed King’s FBI bodyguards shortly before his assassination. Of course, the establishment would have us believe that this was just another coincidence.

The Vietnam War was a huge cash cow for the establishment elite in the areas of oil, the military-industrial complex and the banks. Nothing was going to interfere with establishment’s right to wage war for profit.

oswald, sirhan, ray

Single Assassins

The establishment says that John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all killed by lone assassins who most people labeled as mentally ill and extremist in their beliefs.

Ask yourself an important question. If you were going to carry out a high-profile assassination of well-guarded individuals, this would require a great deal of planning, don’t you think? One would have to be able to get in proximity to their target, remain undetected, conceal their weapon until the last moment and then flawlessly carry out the plot with an accuracy that’s second to none. With the high degree of planning that would have to go in to these three assassinations, why would anyone risk discovery by revealing their plans in advance by confessing in a diary which could’ve been serendipitously discovered?

Perhaps we can buy this ridiculous diary explanation in one of these assassinations. More amazingly, each diary left a convincing trail of condemning evidence as to the written, self expressed guilt of the assassin which would leave no doubt in the public’s mind that the assassin acted alone. Therefore, we are asked to believe that this scenario happened three times, in the three major assassinations of the 20th century, less than five years apart and we’re supposed to believe that this commonality of modus operandi is just a mere coincidence? Are you kidding me? Meanwhile the establishment elite gets to point the finger individually at each of the accused three assassins by pointing to these diaries.

John Kennedy was allegedly killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald supposedly wrote a diary upon his return journey from his previous defection to the Soviet Union in which he threatened the president with harm. Many handwriting analysts discredit the Oswald diary as a diary that was written in just a few sessions and not over a period of months and years as the Warren Commission claimed.

Robert Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan and the diary was later discovered and used to implicate the accused assassin in a court of law.

Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray and he too had a diary professing his intentions to kill the civil rights activist. Interestingly, members of the King family visited James Earl Ray on many occasions in prison and publicly stated that they do not believe that James Earl Ray was the man who killed Dr. Martin Luther King.

This trifecta trail of implication through the finding of a diary is not believable and this really does demonstrate how dumb the establishment elite thinks the American people truly are that we would believe the same story three times over.

The Lone Assassin Myth

Political assassinations of this magnitude are complicated to say the least. How one sniper, or one gunman could have carried out this act, without any assistance, is very difficult to believe. Failure to use a spotter in all three cases and the failure to have an accomplice in all three cases is just not believable. And that is exactly what the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977 stated when Congress issued an opinion which stated that JFK was murdered by at least two gunmen. Yet the media propaganda spin still continues to this day.

                 All Three Assassins Were Mentally Ill

All three of the assassins have been categorized to the public as extremists who are mentally ill. There is actually a fourth assassination attempt in the 20th century in which the establishment claims was carried out by a mentally ill lone assassin and that person was the would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley. Wouldn’t you say that the establishment went to the well a little too often with this profile?


Let’s sum up the “official” position of the establishment.   The three most prominent assassinations of the 20th century were carried out against high-profile political targets. And according to the establishment elite, all of the assassinations were the individual acts of one man with an unstable mental health background and extremist political views. Further, all the assassins possessed a diary which professes their murderous intentions towards their individual target, and just coincidentally, the diary was discovered and used to implicate the single assassin notion in each case. And let’s not forget that in two of the three assassinations involving John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, expert marksmanship was displayed. In fact, in the case of Oswald, nobody has been able to duplicate the accuracy and speed of which the assassination had to be carried out in 5.6 seconds. Don’t you wish that MIT would run the odds on these probabilities being due to chance.

Fifty years later following the death of John Kennedy and 45 years after the death of Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, some of the older folks in this country still seek answers. Why in 2013 is assassination evidence still being held under lock and key and the American people are not allowed to look at it? What is the establishment afraid that we might learn? And more disturbingly, why don’t more Americans care? For when we let a few men, behind-the-scenes, commit a coup d’état against three high level political figures, especially the President of the United States, and subsequently change policy in case of John Kennedy, we no longer live in a democratic republic.  We now live in a corporate oligarchy.

When these events are allowed to go on and the true perpetrators remain unpunished and the evidence is carefully concealed decades after the events, then what we are left with is a Praetorian Guard who runs the government for behind-the-scenes committing assassinations, rigging elections and by bribing politicians with undue corporate influence and gratuity. Add in the control of the media and we live in a prison country.  This is why you should care and this is why it’s disgraceful that  more of the alternative media is not covering these events and more Americans don’t give a damn about what happened to these three men and why they were assassinated.

The same forces were killed by the elite establishment using the same modus operandi, representing the identical interlocking directorates of the entities that are wreaking havoc in tyranny upon our country today (e.g. the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex etc.).

There are definitive reasons, with modern day implications which describe why you should care and this is why you should take the time to investigate and educate your neighbors because the assassins of these three men, all from the same groups, are responsible for the mess we’re in today. And we can’t fix the mess we’re in today unless we understand how we got into the situation we are mired in.

JFK, RFK and MLK were clearly killed by the same forces. If you are wondering about the identities of these forces, I refer you to Part One of this series where the identities of these interlocking directorates are clearly identified. 

There is another compelling reason why we should keep the heat on with regard to the murders of these three men. If we can ever have a bold American leader attempt to lead the country out of tyranny, the amount of attention that we pay to these three assassinations, could ultimately save the life of a future great reformer.

I know, and many others know who pulled the trigger from the grassy knoll in order to kill John Kennedy. Many of us also know the identities of the puppeteers behind the scenes who orchestrated these heinous acts. However, nobody is home and nobody is listening any longer as we continue to lose our country, our traditions, our true historical past and most of all, our children’s futures.

Why do we kill those who try and make a difference? Dion wondered the same as he wrote a song about the great civil rights reformers in American History. Before you dismiss this topic of one that should go back on the history shelf, not to be debated again, listen to the following song. And then ponder, just for a moment, about how life would be different for all of us if these men were able to carry out the fulfillment of their dreams.