What You Are Not Being Told About the Invasion of America

June 20, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

immgration the beast train

Rome burned as Nero fiddled. Today, the American-Mexican border is going up in smoke. America is being invaded and successfully occupied. Obama is fanning the flames of border violence and artificially contrived human destitution through his unyielding attitude of corporate servitude resulting in providing the globalists with an endless supply of cheap, illegal alien labor regardless of the cost to the American people and their safety as well as the safety of the immigrants themselves. And on a more grand scale, this crisis is one more nail in the coffin in America and Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

In the video clip below, documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch warns that the invasion is only the beginning of the crisis being created by the Obama administration.

“It’s about to get worse. . . Entire villages are emptying out and coming from Central America through Mexico to the United States. They’ll be hitting in the next couple weeks. What you are seeing right now is the tip of the iceberg.”

The Daily Caller reports, “a leaked estimate by a top official in the Department of Homeland Security says the 12-month inflow will reach 90,000 by October, and then grow by another 142,000 in the next 12 months before October 2015.” That’s over 230,000, nearly a quarter million that the Democrats hope to dump on US taxpayers. Soon, this number will have grown by millions.

A Phoenix TV station reported June 6, DHS program that buses immigrants to AZ, no signs of stopping. The story follows the script of “humanitarian crisis” rather than a created crisis, but again, make no mistake about it, this administration is following script to undermine this country. Even Glenn Beck is asking why immigrants are coming.

Playing the Race Card

If you oppose the current and dramatic increase in illegal immigration, some will ask you, “What are you afraid of? Don’t you like people that speak Spanish and have brown skin”?  The race card is the default position of this administration. Let’s consider the fine work of a Lis-Marie Alvarado, an immigrant from Nicaragua, who presently resides in the Miami suburb of Homestead, FL.  Last year for a documentary produced by Al Jazeera America TV series, “Borderland“, she rode the train that they refer to as the” Beast”.  Alvarado and five other Americans traced the journey of immigrants who died while making their way to America on a train that departs from Nicaragua and heads north to the United States. The train illegally brings an estimated 500,000 people per year to the United States. Alvarado described the circumstances aboard the train as being very dire and life-threatening. Scores of people die on this train. Alvarado states that “… Not only with the sun, but also the water. There’s very limited water, and that’s a constant, you know. People are taking the journey because you do want a better future and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, there are a lot of people who aren’t going to make it.”  Where is Obama in all of this?

immigration the beast part 2

Many Beast riders have suffered physical injury or death falling off the train or getting sucked into the wheels trying to board it in motion. In some areas, that’s the only way on. Most of these future illegal immigrants are making this 1,450-mile trek are not from Mexico, but rather from countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which has the world’s highest murder rate.

Both Alvarado and  Dannemiller expressed shock about how many children were riding the train. But you see, this constitutes the main part of the Obama plot. Get the children inside of the United States and the authorities will have no choice but to permit the parents to come to this country as well. Again, entire villages are coming to America under the most dangerous of conditions. The governments of the countries of origins buy bus ticket for the immigrants to travel to the Beast. Poor people are dangerous to an authoritarian regime and these leaders are all too happy to see them leave.

immigration dhs warning

I live in Arizona and I see the manifestation of this inhumane immigration program. Very large segments of the central corridor of my State are under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. The citizens of Pinal County, which is adjacent to metropolitan Phoenix, are under siege by these former Mexican army soldiers turned drug runners. Their penchant for violence is well documented. For example, Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll was ambushed and shot as he tracked six drug smugglers near Casa Grande, Arizona. In the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona, a drug cartel rival was beheaded. Citizens have been terrorized and many of these have been victims of crime from the cartels. In a drug cartel related activity, Phoenix leads the country in kidnappings most of which are related to the sex slave and labor slave trafficking practices of the Zeta and Sinola drug cartel gangs. These events are the byproduct of this insane Obama plan.

NAFTA, CAFTA and How America Got the SHAFTA

By applying the perspective of history, it becomes clear that the agenda of the original SPP which was to bring us the concept known as CANAMEXAMERICA was to be employed and made legal by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The plan called for the creation of an international corridor of highways, controlled by the globalists, but paid for by the American taxpayer. The plan was designed to erase all national boundaries between Canada, Mexico and the United States. SPP, often referred to as the North American Union, was designed to promote the free movement of all people in Central America to the United States. This is precisely what we are witnessing as this was codified into law by the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

What is going on at our southern border is not merely a series of spontaneous events, culminating in a humanitarian crisis. This is a manufactured crisis in which specific short-range and long-range political and economic goals are being carried out.

The Goals of the Present Border Crisis

If these policies are not good for the people on either side of the border, then it must be good for someone else.

This administration needs a new influx of potential democrats as Americans are waking up the tyranny and recklessness coming out of Washington. Washington wants democrats that don’t understand when their rights are being violated. They want Democrats who do not understand that the Bill of Rights is for them and protects them against a growing tyrannical government. They want Democrats who will be thrilled to embrace the specter of Obamacare, because where they come from, there is no healthcare for most people.

Can you name even one thing the Obama administration has done to help the middle class? … I am waiting, please name just one thing…..  The fact remains that this “President” is on a mission to bring this nation into the North American Union and overwhelming the nation with lower socio-economic immigrants is Obama’s primary tool of subjugation.

One question that you will never hear asked on CNN is “How many third world immigrants does it take coming into America, before America is a third world nation?

If Obama truly wanted to be a humanitarian, he would enforce a humanitarian immigration policy. He would demand processing and screening of immigrants to keep out the felons and the drug cartels. That is not happening. If Obama wanted an immigration policy in which tens of thousands of immigrants did not die trying to get into America, we would have naturalization programs for successful applicants. The naturalization program would contain a requirement to pass a test on American History and Constitution to make certain the new citizens understand their rights and how our system is supposed to work. Further, successful immigration applicants should be provided with English speaking lessons in a naturalization process which would take seven years. Such an immigration program would promote Constitutional liberties, but Obama and his handlers want none of it. Yet, this is what we used to do as a country. We successfully processed 13 million immigrants at Ellis Island without computers. Obama has the ability to do the same. He has the tools to shut down the border, streamline the immigration process to months needed to apply instead of the decades as is presently the case! The solutions are within reach, but Obama has a different agenda.

immigration undocumented democrats

What is going on at the border is no more than a cheap false flag event. If enough immigrant children are deliberately imperiled by this administration, of course Americans are going to open their hearts and wallets to these people. The fact remains is that we have 146 million Americans receiving some form of federal assistance. We simply cannot afford this. When millions of immigrants arrive under Obama’s “friends and family” plan, where are we going to find the infrastructure to take care of these people? Where will we find the water? Where will we find the money to build the schools to educate the children of these people? Asking these questions does not make one a bigot, it makes one a realist. And how many immigrants can a country take on before the country is stripped of its culture and traditions? Historically, when Americans have lost employment, they could find work further down the economic ladder in order to put food on the table. Increasingly, because of unchecked immigration, these opportunities are disappearing. Our future, as being determined by the Obama administration, has been foretold generations ago in a book by G.K. Chesterson.

The Chesterson Prophecies

America’s future has indeed been foretold in G. K. Chesterton’s, The Flying Inn (1914). The book provides present day Americans with an opportunity to understand what is happening to their loss of culture and of national sovereignty. The book consists of a “fictional” account of how England had been stripped of its cultural identity. The book was written at the end of the British imperialistic period of dominance in which England had collapsed under the sheer weight of attempting to maintain its vast empire.

In the book, Chesterton maintains that England lost far more than its preeminent position as the world’s sole super power. He postulated that England had lost its national soul through the unintended integration of its culture with more “barbaric cultures” that it had previously conquered.

The protagonist in The Flying Inn, Dalroy, proclaimed that great nations have frequently followed a similar pattern of progressive and complete self-destruction:

 1. The great nation declares victory over the barbarians.

 The great nation begins to enjoy the fruits of cheap labor by employing the barbarians that it had conquered.

 The barbarians become so enmeshed into the great nation, that an alliance with barbarians is formed (e.g., de facto amnesty including members of criminal organizations).

 Assimilation is followed with the barbarians becoming a privileged class. Thus, the great nation is conquered.

Near the end of the book, almost every virtuous cultural tradition, of the great nation, comes under sharp criticism, while every cultural tradition emanating from the barbarians’ place of origin became praiseworthy.


Those of you who think Obama is crazy, you are correct. Obama is crazy like a fox.  He is merely the facilitator of a plot that was hatched more than a generation ago.

Yes, these Latin American immigrants are indeed children of God and do not deserve to be abused or taken advantage of. None of them should have to die as they attempt to enter our country. Their blood can squarely be placed on the Obama administration. This is a totally manufactured crisis and these people are the unwitting pawns.

impeach obama2

America cannot afford to maintain our own social structure, let alone Latin America’s. What Obama is doing is by design and he is abusing people on both sides of the border. A sensible and reasonable immigration plan, such as the one we had nearly a 140 years ago is what is needed, not the contrived undermining of our country.

Obama should have been impeached long ago, this just adds one more reason to support the demand for his removal from office. Impeaching Obama, alone, will not reverse the course we are on, but it sure would feel good.