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Steve Stars stared his radio career 50 years ago as an FM radio DJ and rock musician. In the early 70’s, during the post Vietnam-Watergate era, he began investigating the international globalist’s “New World Order” as the real criminal source of what was destroying our Constitutional Republic. After graduating with his Journalism degree, Steve worked as news and sports anchor at a small ABC TV station and later at a larger CBS affiliate in Denver.
Even by the early 1980s, it was becoming apparent that the mainstream media had betrayed the public, and this was becoming more dangerous continually. After some investigation into biblical prophecy Steve had a supernatural intervention in his life with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It was clear now that he needed to warn the public and encourage all of those who were seeking Truth.


Some of Steve’s investigations were into historical events like the assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK and the sinking of the Titanic. In 1992, Steve began investigating the viral frauds and germ-scares created by people like Anthony Fauci. In 1996, Steve released a full-length film exposing Fauci and medical/industrial complex’s dangerous phama-sorcery. 
Being banned by the mainstream media and dismissed by the general public has only convinced Steve that he has been on the right track. Since then, he has written articles, spoke publicly, produced other video programs, and taken his message to the best of audiences on talk radio outlets where the listeners value the truth. It has been a hard path, but very worthwhile connecting with like-minded and intelligent audiences who are enhanced and benefited by Steve’s investigations and works.



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