15 years after 9/11; perpetual war and liberties lost

September 12, 2016 in News by RBN

via: Personal Liberty

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the 21st Century version of the day that will live in infamy.  On September 11, 2001, two aircraft of some type, with an assist by nanothermite charges, brought down America’s two largest skyscrapers. A guided missile hit the Pentagon. Another aircraft  or something crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, likely brought down by an American military fighter plane.

Conspiracy theory?  Hardly. The “official” story – that a cave-dwelling former CIA asset operating out of an area that is as deserted as a moonscape created a plan that circumvented the world’s greatest surveillance apparatus with 19 operatives living in the U.S. on expired visas who learned how to fly planes (but not land them) and then overpowered four plane-loads of passengers with box cutters and then flew those planes in circuitous routes before driving them the Twin Towers and the Pentagon while NORAD sat around twiddling its thumbs – is the conspiracy. Not even the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission coverup Report believed what they wrote.

Sadly, many Americans still do.

Clearly the attack was a false flag designed cover an economic collapse, create crises and to drag America into war in the Middle East to satisfy the desires of the neocon cabal – as their Project for a New American Century called for —  on behalf of their globalist and military-industrial complex masters. And clearly it worked. We are 15 years into continuous war in Afghanistan, and America is waging war on every country mentioned in the PNAC report save Iran… much to the chagrin of the neocons (who, by the way, also want a war with Russia and China).

America is currently dropping bombs on seven countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen – and has CIA assets, regular military and military contractors operating in those and likely several other countries we don’t know about. It is heinously indiscriminate in its targeting and is therefore blowing up wedding parties and hospitals filled with women and children almost as readily “terror cells.” The policy has turned once-stable and prosperous countries into war-racked tribalist hellholes and breeding grounds for Islamic radicals.

While America is supposedly at war with Islamic terrorists, the American government is also making war on the American people under the pretense of the “War on Terror.” This strategy is an age-old Machiavellian system of building up external fear (Islamic terror) and using the “emergency” as an excuse for all kinds of domestic suppression.

Those walking the halls of power want the world to be a concentration camp. And they have passed all manner of laws and issued decrees and edicts that have turned American into a national concentration camp. With almost unanimity congress passed (rubber stamped) the Homeland Security Act and USA Patriot Act, and effectively suspended habeas corpus with the repeatedly-renewed indefinite detention of U.S. citizens provision through the National Defense Authorization Act.

So, what have we to show for 15 years of war?

Our currency – and with it our morality — is being destroyed. Paper money fiat – which is being created at a record pace to fund the wars and prop up the phony economic recovery — is directly the foundation of Machiavellian mentality.

Government printing press money distorts economic reality, dilutes morality and is the true source of “income inequality.” Financial speculation rises with the increase in paper money and the general work ethic deteriorates. The something-for-nothing mentality pervades society.

Paper money promotes the “quick buck” syndrome like narcotics peddling and hookers on the streets. Hookers, incidentally, were widespread in the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1923 because the women had to sell their bodies for food for themselves and their families.

In a paper money society, the social order visibly deteriorates. The morality of the stable gold standard gradually changes to the amorality of fiat. Few people see the cause and effect, and the politicians try to legislate human behavior. They always fail, as the system is overrun with jails and prisons.

An unlimited supply of paper money buys sophisticated arms that create fear and the propaganda to manipulate the people against their personal freedom and best interest. Fiat paper money is tyranny or becomes tyranny. It guarantees criminal government.

Paper money, personal freedom and privacy are incompatible. Paper money centralizes power to the state and diminishes the individual. This is the first cause of all you see happening. All modern wars are paper money wars. Paper money pays the politicians their lavish profligacy, and they keep their mouths shut about the fiat system.

The Bill of Rights has been eviscerated, sacrificed on the altar of “national security” with little more than a whimper from the American people. We have entered a post-constitutional America.

The Patriot Act so broadly expands the definition of terrorist activity that the 1st Amendment right of civil disobedience or even contrarian speech can get people labeled as terrorists. Revealing that government has requested information from records in banks, physician’s offices and hospitals or even about searches for specific topics in the library can get people arrested.

Government can now monitor and even infiltrate activities and organizations engaged in previously-protected activities without even the suspicion of a crime. And government has cracked down on whistleblowers like never before. Exposing illegal government activity is now a crime, and the American people support it, with the majority calling for the arrest, imprisonment and even execution of people like Edward Snowden and Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning. This demonstrates the power of propaganda built around “national security” fearmongering.

We no longer have the right to not be spied upon. Government and police agents can now monitor our activities day and night by conducting secret searches and wiretaps without even showing probable cause. Our electronic communications are constantly monitored. Our personal and medical records can be seized by law enforcement under the most specious of reasons and people who are forced to turn over those records are forbidden from telling you about it.

The president now possesses “legal authority” to assassinate American citizens on a whim, a direct violation of 5th Amendment and due process. The “white paper” granting him that “legal authority” states that attacks will take place anywhere outside the United States and that an “informed, high-level” official of the U.S. government may determine that the targeted American has been “recently” involved in “activities” posing a threat of a violent attack.

Chillingly, the paper says no clear evidence that the person poses an imminent threat against the United States, its citizens or interests is necessary to justify the targeted assassination. Nor does it define “recently” or “activities.” It cites congressional authorization that gave President George W. Bush the basis to respond to 9/11 attacks.

You can be arrested and detained without formal charges and without the right to confront the witnesses or view the evidence being used against you. You can be prevented from traveling (placed on a no-fly list) for any reason or none at all, and not even know you are on the list or be told why you’re on it. Statists are now trying to use the no-fly list to deny people the ability to legally buy and own a gun – a direct violation of their 2nd Amendment rights and right to due process.

Innocuous and perfectly legitimate activities like buying long-term storage food and survival items, attending a pro-2nd Amendment rallies, being a military veteran, attending a Ron Paul speech, wearing stained clothing, having an unusual smell or carrying what someone deems a “large amount of cash” can get you searched, investigated, arrested and/or placed on a list of potential “terrorists.”

The freedom to travel without government harassment is gone. To board a plane you are exposed to long security lines and are forced to either endure what amounts to a sexual assault by government agents and/or submit to a bombardment of radiation waves in government scanners.

TSA agents are setting check points miles from the border and searching cars for no reason. Courts are granting police the authority to draw blood and take DNA samples from people against their will.

LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) have been gathering surplus military weapons and rolling stock and making it part of their arsenal. The ranks of LEOs are largely populated by veterans of the Middle East wars who apparently have brought their it’s-us-vs.-them mentality to American policing, making LEOs increasingly militarized and increasingly militant and violent toward American citizens.

So 15 years of war has brought us no closer to peace and has cost us our freedoms. After all, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

That’s what we should never forget.