23 Yr Old Died Unexpectedly After ‘Catastrophic Reaction’ To Covid Jab, Inquiry Told

February 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: MagsPress


A 23 year old woman with an unknown neurological condition died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ in her sleep after two doses of the Covid vaccine, an inquiry heard on Friday.

The standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport have been hearing from Australians who have felt neglected and ignored after seeking help for long Covid or adverse effects to the Covid jabs.

The inquiry was told that Amy Segdwick died “suddenly and unexpectedly” in her sleep in April last year after she experienced negative side effects from the Pfizer vaccine.

Her parents explained how their daughter was prioritised for the covid vaccine because she had became afflicted with an unknown neurological condition in 2019.

Amy Segdwick died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ in her sleep in April last year after she experienced negative side effects from the Pfizer vaccine, her mother has told a parliamentary inquiry. Picture: Facebook

News.com.au reports: The 23-year-old sought advice on the best vaccine for her condition and was told with minimal discussion that she should select Pfizer, the inquiry heard.

The decision set off a “catastrophic” chain of events, her mother said.

“She fell off a cliff after receiving her Pfizer vaccines,” Mrs Segdwick told the inquiry.

Amy noticed she had numbness in her feet and became unbalanced over the month in between vaccinations.

After the second jab, the numbness spread up her legs and her limbs ached. Mrs Sedgwick said Amy had trouble standing and walking when they made an urgent doctor’s appointment.

The doctor said Amy’s worsening health could not be attributed to the vaccine.

“When we questioned the conclusion, we were firmly told we needed to let the vaccine theory go,” Mrs Sedgwick said.

“We were sick with worry.”

She told the inquiry her daughter’s condition deteriorated rapidly, to the point where she was unable to stand, walk, write or cut up her own food.

Mrs Segdwick’s “strong, brave, resilient daughter” had to be hoisted into bed during “the extremely traumatic time”.

She died in the early hours of April 2, seven months after receiving the vaccine.

“I know Amy would be here today living her wonderful life, but for receiving that vaccine,” Mrs Sedgwick told the inquiry.

“Our initial concerns about the adverse reaction should not have been so grossly dismissed.”

Dismissal by medical experts was a recurring theme throughout the inquiry on Friday as the committee heard from people living with long Covid.

Associate Professor at UNSW School of Clinical Medicine, Nada Hamad, told the committee she faced extreme difficulty in getting recognition and treatment despite her medical expertise.

“I was repeatedly not heard or dismissed,” she said.

“People would look at me and say: ‘You must be making this up’.”

Professor Hamad told the committee there was a “reluctance to acknowledge what was happening” to her even though she could articulate her symptoms in medical terms.