3 reasons you should be eating more pasture-raised meat

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Today, a lot of people like to frame eating meat as unethical. They argue that producing meat is bad for animals and for the planet. Plus, eating meat isn’t doing human health any favors, they say. 


But we know better. 


The truth is meat is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet – and it doesn’t have to be bad for our environment or cruel to animals. (In fact, it can even help the environment.)


The difference is in HOW the meat is produced. 


When you compare conventional, grain fed and factory farmed meat to pasture-raised, the differences are clear:


#1 Pasture-Raised Meat is More Nutrient-Dense


100% grass fed beef has more glutathione, a better Omega-3:6 ratio (up to 5x more anti-inflammatory Omega-3), more vitamin E and A, and more CLA than does grain fed. That means it can actually reduce inflammation (unlike conventional beef). 


But it’s not just beef that benefits from being pasture-raised: pasture-raised pork can have a similar Omega-3:6 ratio as grass fed beef. In comparison, conventional pork has 35 times MORE inflammatory Omega 6 than anti-inflammatory Omega-3. 


#2 Pasture-Raised Meat is Sustainable


There are so many environmental consequences to the factory farming that a lot of meat is produced using: 


  • Topsoil depletion (the U.S. has lost more than half its topsoil in the past 100 years increasing our reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Fertilizer pollution (which is linked to increased rates of cancer in areas where fertilizer runoff pools and has caused a massive “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico)
  • Huge demand for grain crop that requires tilling, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow
  • Pollution from feedlots and factory farms: liquefied manure, noxious fumes, and antibiotic residue


In contrast, pasture-based farming is actually restorative to the environment:


  • The natural rhythms of animals eating, walking and pooping on grasslands promotes plant growth
  • Increased grasslands allow more grass to perform their “magic” trick: sucking up carbon released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and safely storing it back underground
  • Manure resumes its role as nature’s perfect fertilizer


#3 Pasture-Raised Meat is More Humane


Animals in factory farms and on CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) spend their lives trapped in cages too small for them to move, never allowed outside or space to roam, forced to stand in their own waste… Only to be killed in ways that are stressful and often cruel. 


Pasture-raised meat comes from farms where animals are allowed to live as nature intended: outside, and with space to roam. The animals are slaughtered in ways that minimize discomfort (both mentally and physically). 


There’s only ever been ONE problem with choosing pasture-raised meat: it’s hard to find.


That’s why I was excited to learn about Wild Pastures.


Wild Pastures is a new company designed for conscious consumers. They support sustainable and humane farming while delivering the highest-quality pasture-raised meats to consumer’s doors at near-wholesale prices. 


It’s the kind of meat you want to buy at prices you can actually afford. 


They do it by partnering with small American farms, NEVER cutting corners, and using a membership model to deliver pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken right to your front door. 


As Wild Pastures co-founder Chas Smith put it, “If Costco and a farmer’s market got together and had a baby it would be called Wild Pastures. What we’re trying to do is work directly with farmers, help them grow their operations without cutting corners, and buy in bulk so we can pass those savings to our members without them having to buy huge quantities at a time. We want to replace conventional and deceptively labeled meats such as ‘free-range’ or ‘natural’ where the wording looks attractive but in practice, it’s only a small step up from factory farming.  Pasture-raised meats, in the truest sense of the word, are more nutritious, contain far more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and they are environmentally restorative. Pasture-raised meats of this quality are extremely difficult to find and we want to bring them back in a big way.”


Wild Pastures is the simplest way to get the highest quality meats delivered to you, for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at retail stores. 


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