800,000 Refugees Returning to Syria Thanks to Russia

October 29, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

| 16:01 27.10.2015

Journalist Christan Saarländer from the Austrian Contra Magazin called Russia’s military operation in Syria a “blessing” and blamed German media for its propaganda war against Russia.

German media publishes one-sided reports about Russia, spreading propaganda lies about the country and its activities in Syria, the journalist wrote.

Recently, some media sources accused Russia of bombing a hospital in Syria without any proof, the author wrote, adding that Western journalists actually rarely make live reports from the spot and come to conclusions sitting in the office.At the same time, Saarländer argued, more and more videos are being uploaded, documenting successful Russian airstrikes in Syria. Even US generals are praising Russia’s armed forces, as the news agency PressTV reported from neighboring Iran.

The US portal “Veterans Today” wrote, citing the Iranian Fars News Agency (FNA), that more than 800,000 refugees from Syria are expected to return to their homeland thanks to the Russian military operation.

According to the latest data, Russian fighter jets have destroyed 285 ISIL and al-Nusra Front targets in Syria over the past three days. The military operation itself started on September 30 after the Syrian president Bashar Assad had sent Russian authorities an official request.