A Black Pastor Shoots Unarmed Man… What He Did Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

August 11, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Ever since the shootings in Charleston South Carolina racial tensions have been high.

Mainly because the media continues to fan the flames.

However what people seem to ignore is blacks are in more danger from attacks by other blacks.

Source: The Right to Bear

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In this story a black pastor by the name of Benny Holmes managed to protect himself, church property, and even the soul of the would be thief who broke into his church to rob them blind.

The thief, Lee Marvin Blue Jr is black and robbed the pastor.

In fear for his life Pastor Holmes shot the criminal, which he should have done.

The most surprising thing is what happened after Pat “Benny” Holmes shot the intruder… he prayed for him and even plans to visit him when things calm down a bit.

The local ABC affiliate reports:

A would-be burglar messed with the wrong church and pastor Tuesday. Baytown police say the man kicked in the door of the Church of New Beginnings early and attempted to rob it.

“We have church break-ins here in the city of Baytown,” said Pat Holmes. “But ours had never been broken into. Unfortunately today was the day.”

Around 6:15, police say a man broke into the Church of New Beginnings on North Alexander. Surveillance video shows the man breaking through the door. Little did he know that Pastor Benny Holmes was sleeping inside, and that he was strapped.

Again you won’t see this story plastered over the national news.

But it should be.

For three reasons.

  1. Is because the use of a gun managed to keep an innocent man safe. These are the stories that mysteriously always get buried at the bottom of the news pile.
  2. Is because of the forgiveness displayed towards a criminal, something most people find it very difficult to do no matter their religious persuasion.

  3. It highlights the pattern of black on black crime which is far more common then white on black crime.

We credit Pastor Holmes with is quick thinking as well as his compassionate heart.

Tell us what you think about the story and its implications.