Proof Violence and Weakness Is All Democrats Have To Offer

August 11, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Yesterday in Seattle, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was holding a rally attended by around 2000 people. As Mr Sanders stepped up to the microphone, two black women forced their way on stage and announced, “We’re shutting this event down—now!

Source: Absolute Rights

Bernie Sanders is forced off stage at his own rally in Seattle (Image: AP

For some unknown reason, no one stopped them. Mr Sanders attempted to shake their hands and engage in conversation. The women were not interested in making friends as they forced him away front centre stage. The crowd booed. Then, again with NO ONE stopping them, they were allowed to take to the microphone and speak. The “activists” were part of Seattle’s Black Lives Matter movement, and they had just been given their stage in what could have been their biggest moment. One of them, Marissa Johnson, addressed the 20000 strong, booing Sanders supporters.

The one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown should have been a time for refection for the people of Ferguson, Missouri
. A year has passed since the world watched the events unfold and, in that time, Darren Wilson was acquitted due to evidence released that it was Michael Brown who caused his own death by attacking the officer. This year that has passed should have been used as a time for community leaders to use their influences and reach across the city to make people understand that the rioting that occurred was wrong and all it did was bring the attention black people and highlight all of the wrong things. How can you convince the watching world that racial profiling is unjust by doing the very things that bring the attention of the police? When you take part in rioting, looting, violence and destruction of property while attempting to stand up and dispute the claims that black people riot, loot, cause violence and destroy property, you’re contributing to the stereotypes that surround you. Yes, the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown SHOULD have been a time for refection…“I was going to tell Bernie Sanders how racist this city is, even with all of these progressives, but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you.” She then told the crowd that, if Bernie Sanders cared about grassroots movements, he would get behind the biggest grassroots movement today, “Black Lives Matter.” This was followed with request for a FOUR AND A HALF MINUTE SILENCE in memory of Michael Brown, the black youth shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Why? “Because Black Lives Matter.” The crowd continued to boo and called for her arrest, which never came. The whole debacle came to an end when a spokesman for Bernie Sanders said that the rally was over and Mr Sanders would not speak. It was not all disappointment for the attendees as Bernie did go into the crowd and greet people, apologizing for the events that had just unfolded.

Black youths riot in Ferguson (Image: AP)

Not even hours after Marissa Johnson and her “activist” cohort took to the microphone in Seattle, small pockets of the black community of Ferguson who had, once again, taken to the streets of the city in the name of Michael Brown had, once again, brought shame on themselves by causing violence. A black youth opened fire on an unmarked police car and was subsequently shot by the officers inside, while, elsewhere in the city, a black man wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt shot two black teens, ages 17 and 19, in the chest, not far from where Michael Brown was shot. As the Ferguson police chief spoke to the press, appealing for a calm night ahead, shots rang out and the crowds dispersed and night of violence followed that saw crowds throwing missiles at the police and gangs fighting with each other.

“Black Lives Matter,” was the message that Marissa Johnson, so forcefully, tried pass along to the Seattle crowd earlier that afternoon. Yes they do, Miss Johnson. Now maybe you should turn your attention to who REALLY needs to hear that message, and focus you anger on the blacks who are killing other blacks, because I don’t think they know that Black Lives Matter. Not one bit.