A Decisive Turn in the Special Military Operation – TODAY on The Dankof Report 2pmCT

October 6, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


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💫 A Decisive Turn in the Special Military Operation

The hysteria and lies of the enemy should not be compared to us: our superiority is that we are not like the demonic creatures on the other side of the front.
Even the comparison is humiliating.
So, we need to take quite concrete steps. And they must be substantial and verifiable—both for the enemy and for ourselves.

✍️ Alexander Dugin


Mark Dankof: The Dugina Assassination and the Zio-Anglo-American Empire’s Descent Into Hell


Putin and Russia must not only win, they must stomp GloboHomo, LGBTQ, and the New World Order out.


MORE INFO: https://vk.com/wall468804996_49033